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For many people the idea of God and what God is isn’t clear. People do not know what God is. One reason for that is poor information from Christian priest, because Christianity itself does not gave the right attitude regarding the issue of God. According to Christianity, God is something abstract, surreal, untouchable, omnipotent, something that gives and punished. God invented reality, creating all that we see and assume, God is omnipotent, indestructible, and eternal. In a word, God is EVERYTHING and everywhere, thus imposing a fear of God, an idea that people are nobody, they are only sheep of God Father – the shepherd. At the same time, God sent a saviour on this planet, to save mankind from something, and no one knows what. To save humanity from a non-existing sin. All this, proclaimed by Christianity and other similar religions, serves only to keep people under control and submission to something that does not exist. Christianity also offers an abstract solution to what God actually is, saying: "When divine revelation comes." In other words, all the above mentioned is a fear of God, and that fear is the foundation of our existence and salvation, from something that we, again, do not know. Christianity says that God revealed himself as a person, as a son of God named Jesus.


Where can one find the knowledge about the God of Christianity? The answer of Christian priests is that it is in our mind, and includes the priests themselves in that group of people unable to find him, because we are "fallen from God" – waste (probably wanting to say, derived from God himself). Our organs of knowledge (the gnoseological ones) are defiled or retarded, "therefore it is very difficult to create a true image of God, which is subjective, and it leads us to idolatry, and not to the real image, which we get from the very revelation".[1]


How does God reveal? Christianity says that God reveals through all the things that he created, which we see directly. We know God also through selected individuals called prophets, such as Adam and Eve, Seth, Kai, Enoch, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and others, who are carriers of God's voice. They enter and record God's proclamations in the holy books.

........................................................Macedon Sun God ILI, IL, ILIJA..

According to the decipher texts published in the book Zeta Macedonia we come to some opposed views about the perception of what God is, and how he reveals to us. Since the Macedonian monotheistic faith is at least 412,416 years old, it leads to the conclusion that Christianity as polytheistic belief, together with all other religions and mythologies of the world, stems from Macedonian faith, whereby, something matches in the findings.
Let us immediately explain why the book Zeta Macedonia gives an answer to question what God is. According to the information written in Zeta Macedonia deciphered from monuments of culture left by Macedonian people on five continents, God actually is: Something real – real, dear, tangible, warm, good thought, melody, powerful, but not the most powerful, he bestowed the divine seed for a new life, this seed is the LIGHT, meaning that he is not creator of something out of nothing, he is only a fertilizer, while the MOTHER is the most powerful, the one that creates and bestow new life. In the Macedonian monotheistic faith, the only God is God Sun ILI, IL, ILIJA, called St. Ilija (Elijah) in Christianity, which personifies all divine characteristics with SAINTS. Hence the polytheistic character of Christianity.
The Macedonian God Ilija (Elijah) does not punish, he always blesses with warmth, light, tiny dew, music and protects against the constellation Azhder (Dragon) – the cold, through the Cross constellation or the beginning of the new year in fruit. Mother Planet Makedonka-Macedonia is the one that gives birth to God's children, nurtures, feeds, protects and punishes them with famine.
The Macedonian God was born of the Mother of light and dark, who will give birth to the entire universe. God exists because of his son Ilion or called Macedon after is mother. If God's sons Macedonians do not exist, God will not exist as well. God exists for the sake of his son Ilion-Macedon.
Son of God Ilion-Macedon, with the taken fertilizing divine gene, in his adulthood, when he is fertile, and called Zet, along with his bride, equally participate in the creation of Macedonia Paradise on the Planet Macedonia and in the universe. The day of the fertilizing power of Zet is XXII March, when the mountain tops closest to God and in direct contact with the sun and the first sunray along the shortest STRAIGHT line receive the word of God – the mind, with its total knowledge. This knowledge is language, script and science, representing the WORD of God. From that day Macedon will be “slovesno-velen” or celebrated, it will celebrate his God Ilija, divine spirit Macedon and spring Don.
The biggest lie of Christianity about the true revelation God occurred when God sent among the people his son Jesus, who had in him the Holy Spirit, born of Virgin Mary-Macedonia as a man. In the book Zeta Macedonia we see that Jesus was not born of a mother 2016 years ago, but was born at least 412.416 years ago.
According to Macedonian records IS – ISUS is the young newly born on XXV December. IS has a meaning of baby, newborn or the entire newly born nature, in which olds the Son of God Macedon on the day of XXII March, when the new Zet is proclaimed, meaning SIR, LORD, LORD on this planet Macedonia.

...................................East Asian symbol for fire, given by the Macedonian people.

The significance of this belief is huge for understanding the entire religious concept of Macedonian civilization. The Macedonian developed a strong feeling toward the Sun due to its power to create light, heat, soul and script. For Macedonians, the sun is the only deity, and the entire matter in the macro and microcosm is divine, filled with divine spirit Macedon. Therefore, ever since Macedonians became aware (word-conscious, verbal) of their genesis and existence, have attributed divine nature to the Sun, i.e. Sun itself is God, propellant, origin and source of life, source of divine spirit Macedon, god of heaven and of the divinated Macedonians on the planet Macedonia.
The Sun as the most important and the most significant phenomenon in Macedonian faith is referred to as God ILI, ILE, ILJO, Zet, Tesht, and its rays are named carrier of divine spirit Mace-Don – “Z” (“З”) beam (“zrak”), “DZ” ("S") gaze (“pogled”) – lightning and sunray called IL. (Excerpted from Zeta Macedonia 400,000 years of literacy, p.24)

To be continued, Part Two: “WHAT IS THE HOLY SPIRIT”.

(The book Zeta Macedonia is printed in a second, supplemented edition and in English translation, which can be read at the City Library “Brakja Miladinovci”. It is not sold via retail. It can be bought from the author at or phone +389 78 264 106)

[1] Father Ivica Todorov, video recording “School of Life” – 1

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