“Filigrani 2018” – the song “Shepot” (Whisper) received an award for a best interpretation. The song was sung by Serafina Fantauzzo. Tango-dancers Vladanka Koleva and Angjelche Smontar made the performance with their dancing on the floor.


The lyrics is written by Branko Sotirovski, the melody is by Serafina Fantauzzo and the arrangement is made by Sasho Livrinski.



A part from the Serafina Fantauzzo’s performance.




A cake for the 25-th anniversary of the festival “Filigrani”.




The tango-dancers Angjelche Smontar and Vladanka Koleva, the singer Serafina Fantauzzo and the song-writer Branko Sotirovski.




The received award.






The crown “STELLAR WHISPER” in a form of a wreath.


Between the numerous stars in the universe, there is also our star called Father Sun ILIJA. The whole our knowledge comes from our father. How is that possible? That is because it comes through the solar-stellar whisper and the noise of the dry oak leafs in the oak forest in winter. In the summer time, the stellar whisper comes with a wind that blows through the leafs of the poplar.


“The stellar whisper” is a lightness and warm - heat. The lightness is a SPIRIT, the heat is a SOUL. The stars whisper through the lightness. The lightness never die. According to the Macedonian faith of the truth, God has own name and that is ILIJA (Elijah) and also the divine spirit has own name. He got his name because he discovered the divine knowledge and it transmits through the letter and the others through the faith, and that is MACEDON – MACEDONIANS. That means that the DIVINE SPIRIT IS MACEDON. The divine spirit Macedon is presented by the Macedonians through the soul, and that is the LETTER. The divine spirit Macedon and the divine soul – the letter of the Planet Macedonia, to the uneducated Macedonians is transmitted up to today through the LETTER-SLAV MACEDONIANS. (The letter presents a divine word which is presented through the Macedonians alphabets – Cyrillic and Latin.



The crown “STELLAR WHISPER” in a form of a wreath, made by Branko Sotirovski for the needs for the presentation of the knowledge presented in the book “Zeta Macedonia 400.000 years of literacy.”






“EUROFEST 2018” – the song “Fidanka” (seedling) received second award. The lyrics is by Branko Sotirovski, the melody is by Serafina Fantauzzo and the arrangement is Ljupco Sokolovski.





The singer Serafina Fantauzzo and the song-writer Branko Sotirovski




The given award for the song “Fidanka”







“GOCE FEST 2018” – the song “Kaval” was awarded with two awards: An award for a best lyrics to Branko Sotirovski and second award for the melody from the jury to Serafina Fantauzzo.



                                                             An award for a best lyrics 




The award for the melody given to Serafina Fantauzzo and the award for a best lyrics given to Branko Sotirovski.




                                                      Branko Sotirovski and Sasho Livrinski.





A music video of the song “Kaval”, played on the “GOCE FEST 2018 y.” festival, ARM – Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

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