2. WHAT IS THE HOLY SPIRIT

"Even since man exists on this planet, only Macedonians have always had direct relationship with one God. This relationship is "true", directly related to the personified Sun God – lion. Zeta Macedonia 400,000 years of literacy, p. 441.

People today, including Christian fathers, and allegedly people from the distant past, cannot explain what God is and what condition does he exist in. “The Scriptures 'really' reveals God. In Hebrew ELOHIM (Almighty) means fullness of strength and power, fullness of omnipotence, independent of anything and anyone, above space and time, creator of everything that exists, capable to make something out of nothing – a power that is love. He is a creature or a living being. This fullness represents total fulfilment." For the human mind, the complete fulfilment with something that is unknown is something terrible, unimaginably great, full of force, a force that is omnipotent. Apparently, all this represents love. The fullness of strength, power and omnipotence, in humans actually produces only fear and awe.

Today’s people may not know what God is, deceived by polytheistic mythologies and newly created religions. For the people from more than two thousand years ago, God together with the divine spirit is a normal and everyday occurrence.

Unlike Christianity, in Macedonian faith, God's power is the power of God's love, made up of daily light and heat, of darkness and cold, of tiny dew and water, of love and pain. God's love is the loving touch between light and matter. Macedonian faith is the faith of REINCARNATION. It is the faith of daily reincarnation of love with the daily emergence of the morning sun and the feel of sun's rays.
This love at daybreak is reflected as a numeric value EDEN (ONE), meaning that it had dawned. In nature something initial is light on the day marked with the figure E-DEN (IS-DAY). The word den (day) also contains the numeric value EN (eden, one).
Light is present, visible during the day and during the night. Light is present in every matter and it represents the divine spirit MACEDON. Each matter has its own light and heat.

                                   Divine spirit Macedon, 7.000-6.000 y. Macedonian era before the emergence
                                         of Christianity. Govrlevo, near Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

Heat is light, light is love, love is a GAZE, the gaze is divine spirit Macedon, Macedon is a force in every Macedonian.
Why the divine spirit is called Macedon? The divine spirit is called Macedonia because the Macedonian is born of the Great Mother Makedonka, located in the universe – MACEDONIA PARADISE. The newborn morning sun represents the newborn gaze "SE" (“DZE”) which equals love. Love is a touch and blend of light and dark, love is mother.
The divine spirit is called Macedon also due to fact that the Macedonian is the only son of God or the only one named Sun Ilion after the father, and Macedon after the mother, as a white man and the only one who receives the word of God through the sunrays – light. With the received words (in letters called CUTNI (BLOSSOM) and digits called PROLETNI (SPRING), he is the only one that develops science and presents it to the wider masses of the Macedonian kin and other tribal communities around the world, in the form of a FAITH of truth. All mythologies and religions in the world would later develop from this faith.
From this conclusion, we deduce that: GOD DOES NOT EXIST or God exists while there are Macedonians who have in them the Macedonian spirit. On XXV December, fire (the symbol of the sun) is offered food, wine and cattle as sacrifice, to free the divine spirit Macedon, who will sail off on the flames toward the Sun. The Sun is also the destination of the old Tesht (father-in-law) and all the other lords Macedonians departed throughout the year. The divine spirit Macedon perched on the Sun is purified, and the Sun God, sends him purified into the center of the galaxy, where it reproduced, and the following day arrives on the planet Macedonia by way of the tiny dew.

If there are no Macedonians, there won’t be spirit Macedon. Due to this fact, the divine spirit in Christianity has no name, just as God has no name. Calling it Yahweh (meaning "I am ALL" in Macedonian) because of the prestigious Macedonian gene, mind, script, language, name and religion, the Jews wrote a book about Christianity, a learning aimed at destroying the Macedonian spirit in the Macedonian people.
The book Zeta Macedonia, on p. 31 says:
"Our Macedonian God – father SUN ILI with his first sunray, which represents the divine spirit Macedon from the old departed Tesht (father-in-law), on XXI March called "S" – "SE" (“DZ” – “DZE”) illuminates, enlightens and DEIFIES the LIGHT FATHER and the deity on Dzemja - Planet Macedonia called ZET (son-in-law), i.e. "DZET" – DEITY on Planet Macedonia and ruler of his territory "DZETA", a word with divine character, as stated above, and is also FATHER’S GAZE."
Macedonian faith, recorded in the form of a drawing-ligature, before the advent of the New and the Old Testament, tells us of the power that God which is not omnipotent. God has his own weakness, he is powerless to bring forth a new life. God is dependent on a mother birth-giver and on the divine sons – Macedonians, who possess the divine spirit Macedon. Macedonians only are aware that there is a divine spirit called Macedon, with which God ILI gets the character of a living being. God was born and limited in time, and the unlimited space is the divine mother Makedonka - Planet Macedonia and mother Macedonia in the university on the day 25-th of December is called Elena.


                       The analysis of the divine spirit Macedon is an inspiration for this song.

To be continued …

(The book Zeta Macedonia is printed in a second, supplemented edition and in English translation, which can be read at the City Library “Brakja Miladinovci”. It is not sold via retail. It can be bought from the author at zetamakedonija21@gmail.com or phone +389 78 264 106)

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