The Macedonian kin Lavrod was spread from Zeta Macedonia Uprisings in the East (present-day China) all the way to Zeta Macedonia Europe in the Far West (present-day Scotland). The Macedonian kin Lavrod was organized in countries, resembling those of today, with its own script, language, science and faith. This rule, according to the book Zeta Macedonia 400,000 years of literacy, of the kin Lavrod has lasted uninterruptedly to this day, over a period of 16 cosmic years (or 16 X 25,776 = 412,416 years). According to the latest research the Macedonian civilization has existed for at least 19 cosmis years (19 X 25,776 y. = 489,744 y.) This is the cultural route of the Macedonians from the Lavrod kin, when a climax occurred at the time of the so-called “ancient Macedonia” during the reign of Philip and Alexander of Macedon.
A hundred years before the birth of Alexander of Macedon, ALIENATED Macedonians appeared in Zeta Macedonia Europe and Zeta Macedonia Uprising. They left the Macedonian kin, formed separate tribal groups with fictional names. It is then that chaos began on these two continents.
Alexander of Macedon conquered the city-states in the south of the Macedonian Peninsula, inhabited by Macedonians, called "Helens", while in fact they were “VELENI” – praised or “Sloveni” (Slavs) and settlers as nameless people of Semitic Arab origin.
The largest security threat for Zeta Macedonia Europe and the Macedonian state at that time came from Zeta Macedonia Interstream (called Mesopotamia and Persia). These alienated Macedonians from the Middle East changed their language and faith. They formed separate tribal groups in order to destroy Macedonia and Zeta Macedonia Europe and the Macedonia faith of the Truth in the God Sun ILI-IL and the faith of reincarnation. Alexander of Macedon went on a campaign along on the path of Dionysus. (Dionysus is the first globalizer in the world who spread the Macedonian culture across five continents.)



Messiah – Alexander of Macedon,

the only Ilion, Macedon, Zet, Hermes, IS-ISUS, Don, Dion, Dionysus.

(356 Mac era before the advent of Christ. – 11. 6. 323 Mac era before the advent of Christ.)



After the death of Alexander of Macedon at 33 years of age, or after the withdrawal to Zeta Macedonia AR on MA (present-day Egypt) under a different name, civil wars broke out in Macedonia lasting until the conquest of Macedonia by the city-state of Rome. The destruction of Macedonia began in 168 before the rise of Christianity, with the defeat of Perseus by Lucius Emilius Paulus. Then, the entire court together with Perseus and the fortune of the Macedonian empire were taken to Rome.
Now the threat to the security of the Macedonian people came from the Macedonians themselves in the West (Zeta Macedonia Europe), coupled with nameless people of Semitic Arab origin, from the south of the Macedonian peninsula and the Middle East.
This is a brief introduction to the situation of social and political readiness, when alienated Macedonian devised the last blow to the Macedonian people tradition and culture, who are living on two continents. This blow was the change of the Macedonian faith of the Truth, of the sun, spring and beauty into a religion which with its symbolism and hidden meaning works on destroying the own name as Macedonians, renaming to another name by cutting the root of their existence.
Zeta Macedonia Europe is divided into smaller tribal groups, Macedonians-patriots are killed with the two holiest Macedonian symbols: the CROSS and the PYRE. (On the cross read more on p. 42 in the book Zeta Macedonia.
The Macedonian people, enslaved by their own Macedonian people – the Romans together with Romani (Gypsies), were divided into four provinces, robbed, with partially prohibited customs and religious rites in honor of the only mother Planet Macedonia and the only Sun God (now considered paganism and polytheism), with looted inscriptions and other destroyed divine temples and monuments, crushed into powder, thus interrupting their cultural development. In a word, the SELF-CREATED deity (the Romans who proclaimed themselves deities) considered that the divine spirit was killed in every Macedonian.

"Paganism is gnosa, self-knowledge, pagan customs are Gnostic rituals. Through them the one who understood gains strength and self-confidence and can resist evil.
Today's new interpretation of paganism creates doubt about everything that is presented in the official books. Since the ancient Macedonian faith and knowledge was not supposed to be not given notice, all the important content of that knowledge had to be covered with one term, coined as paganism. In Macedonia there are brave and sound evidence of what is paganism. Thus, with the deciphering of the Rosetta Stone script we find interesting explanation of who the pagans were: 'UPPER CREATORS” Aristotle Tentov, Macedonians.
In the falcified ancient Macedonian history the Macedonians were called barbarians, and so the sublime meaning of Pagoonite as Upper Creators was brutally transformed into pagans."[1]

The Macedonian faith of THE TRUTH is the very same Christian religion, but with slight modifications and prohibitions (such as canons), the ban on mentioning the Macedonian name amongst others, even though it is mentioned 27 times in the Bible. Macedonian faith is faith in the Mother Planet Makedonka and Father Sun ILI. It is the faith of reincarnation or resurrection; it is faith in the spring, poetry, song, love, flowers and beauty, the origin of life "IS". It is faith in science, art and the word of God. It is the faith of the Macedonian civilization as history of the world. It is the faith of the Macedonian culture continuing until today.

The Macedonian as son of God Ilion and son of Mother Macedonia – Macedon, clever, hardworking, with God's providence or God's WORD, proud of his kin Lavrod proud of his divine gene he is a GENTLEMAN, MASTER, LORD AND GUEST on the Planet Macedonia. Deep inside his soul he kept his own divine spirit Macedon, deep in his soul he kept the name Macedonia. The Macedonian easily adapted to the new social condition.

Born of unique parents, Mother Planet Macedonia and father Sun ILIJA (ELIJAH), he will conduct the noble Macedonian prayers and practices, thus ensuring the continuity of his own faith. Ancient prayers of the Macedonian people from the stone period written in the form of ligatures, deciphered from the monuments of culture, organized by continents, can be found in the book Zeta Macedonia – a total of 255 prayers, some of which are sung in Macedonian church melody (mistakenly called "Byzantine"), and some sung in Macedonian, contemporary traditional rhythms and instruments.

These precious prayers are cornerstone of Christianity. They are prayers for mutual respect of people, respect for Mother Planet Macedonia, called Maria in Christianity, and Father Sun ILIJA, respect for family love in the Holy Trinity between Mother, Father and son Macedon; respect and love for spring, flowers and beauty.
Macedon had a large impact of the new religion. He introduced his God ILI as St. Ilija (Elijah) and Mother Macedonia as Mother of God Maria. Mother Macedonia with the Matka canyon is a gateway of Zeta Macedonia Europe for entering spring, gateway to the newborn nature "IS" from "US" or "ISUS" (“JESUS”) – the lips of the planet Macedonia, Matka canyon.
Christianity is Macedonian culture, propagated in a different manner and under different name.



Lion with an inscription, Vogelherd Cave, Zeta Madonia (present-day Germany) 40,000 y. ago of Mac.era before Christianity, p.183.

The lion, symbol of the Sun God ILI, symbol of the Macedon people from the Lavrodn kin. The inscription indicates the fact that the Macedonians from the present-day territory of Germany pray to Macedonian for the “Tesht” (Father-in-law) – Sun God, to uprise from Macedonia, so that Zeta Macedonia Europe should enter spring. This Оваа prayer is sung in the “Lavrod” song



One of the first missionaries is the Macedonian St. Paul. From year 51 to 54 of Macedonian era he went through Macedonia. He interpreted the Macedonian TRUE faith differently, under the name of Christianity. St. Paul went through all the Macedonian provinces around the White Sea.

It is not incidentally, by order of the Romans and the Jews, that St. Paul set off from Macedonia. Macedonia was the core of Zeta Macedonia Europe. St. Paul through Macedonia, as a gateway, introduced Christianity in Zeta Macedonia Europe. He worked as a missionary until year 61 of Macedonian era. After serving this mission, when St. Paul began to represent the Macedonian interests in his missionary work, no longer needed by the Jews and the Romans, he was executed in Rome.

Although the self-proclaimed deity (the Romans), as stated above, created their own artificial nation of Judeans to serve them, they again, for achieving the goal of destroying the Macedonian spirit, distorted the story of the arrival of the divine son. They take the divine son from the ranks of God's true people the Macedonians as a sacrifice. This means that the Macedonians are divine sons, and one of them who is the Messiah, will sacrifice himself for the salvation of his Macedonian people (according to the Romans to rescue them from themselves), to give up their name, faith and divine spirit Macedon.
According to the Macedonians, the Messiah sacrificed himself for spring and newly born nature, which will serve for food. As it is known, Macedonians were not afraid of death. They went to death with joy, believing that the next morning at dawn they will come back reincarnated, as a multiplied divine spirit Macedon in the form of tiny dew, a component of any substance.


Birth of Jesus.

The entire "Old Testament" was written as a preparation and expectation of the Messiah.
Quote by Matthew: "Mary will give birth to Jesus, and he will save his people from their sins."
Mary is actually Macedonia Mother of God, saviour, guardian and mistress, Mary is the Macedonian home.

The Noun IS-ISUS in the book Zeta Macedonia is found 24 times in deciphered texts around the globe, before the rise of Christianity, at least 130,000 years ago. According to the latest research, the name Madonia-Macedonia is 500,000 years old.



                   Mother Macedonia – Mother of God             Mother Macedonia – Mother of God with Jesus.

                    Madzari, Skopje, R. Macedonia                         V. Konche, Radovish, R. Macedonia.



"IS" is the total newly born nature in spring, in which the Son of God Macedon is found. "IS" is a newborn, a baby. Is is the newly born sun, the newly born year from the day XXII-XXV December. The people call it SUN-STANDING, breaking of the day (it is the longest night and the shortest day). The planet MACEDONIA (MAKEDONIA) with its axis will tilt toward the constellation of the Cross, when night decreases and the day increases. The baby "IS" is born, the young sun and the new year in fruit begins.
This wisdom of Planet Macedonia after three days of hesitation is symbolised in Christianity by the three wise men or three days, coming together with the star, the Sun from the east. The three wise men move from the east until the moment when the sun stops to show the place of the baby Jesus.
Given the fact that the place of residence of the Sun God is in Macedonia, with the throne located at the Alshar mine[1], Jesus as the son of God is born in Paradise on the Planet, in Macedonia, on the coast of Lake Ohrid, in the cave near the village of Kaneo, or the Matka canyon.

The newly born "IS" from "US" – "ISUS" (Kaneo cave or the lips of Mother Planet, Matka canyon) is the newborn "IS", who is the future Zet, king, Master, Lord and guest in Macedonia and on the whole planet.
This Macedonian belief was erased by the alienated Macedonians – Judeans and their ruler Herod (Irodot, Irid-izrid) by executing all newly born children on that day. By this act, it is was indicated to the Macedonian people that their newly born sun should be put out, just as the Macedonian kin Lavrod is being put out

The yoke of slavery over the Macedonian people brings about the Roman conquerors, as alienated Macedonians, every year on XXV December, when the new son is born, to execute from every family the first-born child up to two years old (this was foretold by the prophet Jeremiah – jerem = yoke).

According to the prophet "Jeremiah" or under the YOKE, the Roman Archelaus, Ar-che-laj (Ar-he-laj) means dogs barking and laughing and making havoc in the planet Macedonia, Macedonian paradise, Ohrid lake or Matka canyon.
Joseph (Josip – Jos-sup = the born yield), with Mary and her son Jesus will go through Resen and Bitola into Nazareth, Pazaret or from Matka canyon to Bit Pazar in today’s Skopje. This is the territory (Iz-rail-ot = rajot (paradise)) of Macedonia paradise, it is the territory of Galilee (meaning God-Sun caresses you, spills abundant sunlight.)).



Cleopatra VII


The last Macedonian state is Zeta Macedonia AR on MA (Egypt) with its last Queen Cleopatra (69 y. of Mac. Era before the adv. of Christ. – August 12, 30 y. of Mac. Era before the adv. of Christ.). With the death of the last Macedonian Queen, Cleopatra VII, the Romans together with the Judeans, when conditions were created, declared that Jesus was born thirty years after her death, and Jesus at thirty years of age will enter one of the Judean temples and will begin to present the Macedonian faith, as the word of God. Because of this behaviour “ISUS” ("JESUS") will be accused by the Judeans before the Romans. After three years, “Isus” will be executed on the cross. Isus died at 33, just like Alexander of Macedon.
Since this act, in the opinion of the Romans and the Judeans, the “New Testament” begins, as a new religion, and as a new ERA of Christianity. Actually, the Christian religion is Macedonian faith itself. This period of Christianity is a period which is a continuation of the Macedonian faith, script, science and culture, as history of the world.
After the sudden spread of Christianity, as Macedonian faith, the Judeans as a counterpart created the Islam.

(The noun “Makedonija” is sometimes written (in Macedonian) without the letter “Ј”, as MAKEDONIA. It is due to the fact that the letter “J” in the noun “Makedonija” is of a newer date.)

(The book Zeta Macedonia is printed in a second, supplemented edition and in English translation, which can be read at the City Library “Brakja Miladinovci”. It is not sold via retail. It can be bought from the author at zetamakedonija21@gmail.com or phone +389 78 264 106)

[1] Page 17 „Zeta Macedonia“


[1] “Едно поинакво видување на поимот паганство, Олга Новачева, accessed on 25-12-2014.

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