The found inscription is presenting the personification of the God Sun or the Father and his his son Jesus.

We can read on it: "OS S'JI SAJ ISO", which transcribed into a modern Macedonian language means: WITH THE LIGHT, I AM JESUS. 



Zeta Macedonia Nania (present-day France)


84. Historical period of civilisation ZETA MACEDONIA NANIA, called “Magdalen culture”, 15,000 – 8,000 y.mcd.era.b.c.

The so-called “Magdalen culture” is Macedonian culture or part of MACEDONIAN CIVILIZATION. Science considers it to be culture called “late Palaeolithic”, actually HISTORICAL PERIOD OF ZETA MACEDONIA, a culture of the so-called tribal community “GALI” – “GOTHS", who are, in fact, Macedonian people. The word “Goths” is a Macedonian word meaning GOJDO or cattle. With archaeological research tis culture is confirmed on the territory of today’s so-called countries: France, Spain, Switzerland, northern Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. As part of the so-called Gali is also the tribal community called Celts, in fact, MACEDONIAN PEOPLE of present-day territory of Portugal, France (Brittany), Ireland and the United Kingdom (Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland) in a historic interval of 15,000 - 8,000 y.mcd.era.b.c.

The whole concept and basis of the so-called Magdalen culture is Macedonian civilization and people within the territory of Zeta Macedonia before Nania 18,000 - 11,000 y.mcd.era.b.c. According to Western scholars, their language was similar to the language of nameless people of Arab origin, settled in the southern part of the Macedonian Peninsula, and was similar to Latin, Slavic and original Indian language[308]. This means that today’s modern tribal communities and countries arising from the Gals and the Goths, as well as their languages come from that nation. According to European researchers, it is the Pre-Indo-European language. The Indo-European language is nothing else but a Macedonian language. This is true because the connection between all these nations is the Macedonian people, which extended over the whole of Asia and Europe.

The basis of Celtic and Indian mythology is the Slavic or Macedonian belief, which means that the term Celts is an invented term that is nowhere to be found throughout the cultural monuments within Zeta Macedonia. It should be replaced with the term Macedonians and the period of Zeta Macedonia Nania from 15,000 – 8,000 y.mcd.era.b.c. The basis of the belief is the Sun and Cosmos and the path of indestructibility of souls, which after the death of man travels through space to Macedonia – paradise. It is a nation of divine DANU (known as divine mother in the so-called Irish and Celtic mythology), which means divine day, light or Sun. The so-called Britons were considered children of DON, meaning BLOSSOM or spring.

The total population of Zeta Macedonia Nania is, in fact, Macedonian population accompanied by smaller tribal communities, opponents of Lords - Rulers Macedonians. They were illiterate with a low level of cultural development, working as their servants and slaves. Lords - Rulers Macedonians left outstanding art and written testimonies made of bone and stone. The various artefacts mainly include blades, drills, scrapers made of flint. Engraved depictions on horns and bones are particularly distinguished, as well as sculptures from reindeer horn, ancient inscriptions on ribs and mammoth teeth, and other representations on cave walls and ceilings, bones and animal hides.


On the entire territory referred to as Zeta Macedonia Nania the same writing system was registered, i.e. the same Macedonian phonetic alphabets called Cyrillic and Latin which are actually Macedonian BLOSSOM letters. It is a symbolic, phonetic system, which was used to mark the elements from the primal stage of development of Macedonian spoken and written language, such as sounds, punctuation, digits and so on. It is the pre-language of all so-called Indo-European languages, and all so-called Slavic languages from the historic period 400,000 years ago, an ancient primordial language in Europe and the world with the longest tradition. There is no Indo-European and no Slavic language, because such people do not exist, there is only Macedonian people.

For some authors, the Macedonia Nania period covers the time from 18,000 to 11.000 y.mcd.era.b.c, dominant on the territory of Western Europe, from northern Spain to Poland, but mainly concentrated in France, Spain, Belgium and Germany. The so-called Macedonia Nania culture is actually a historical period of Macedonian cults to the Sun, spring Don and divine spirit Macedon – saviour, associated with the owl bird. IL, AR (from Macedonians Aryans) or GIFT of MADONKA, mother and Macedonia – paradise with Lords - Rulers Macedonians.

The caves in France and Spain from the historical period of Macedonian culture, which are among the most important are: Lascaux, La Marche, Niaux, Trua Freire, Font-de-Gaume, Le Combarel, Chauvet, Cosquer, Cussac, Rouffignac, Alta Mira. The period from 15,000 - 8,000 y.mcd.era.b.c. was a brief period of cultural development of the Macedonian land, called Zeta Macedonia Nania.[1] This period is a small contribution to the mosaic of “white pearls” of cultural achievements of Macedonian civilization as the history of the world in an unbroken continuity of 400,000 years.

Analyses follow of the cultural monuments of this period, accompanied by illustrations and interpretation, with ample evidence on the existence of great Zeta Macedonia. People established relationships that were not based solely on the instinct of survival and mutual benefit, but of compassion and genuine concern for others. They are characterised by high civilizational features, such as the importance of family and family home, the belief in the soul and the afterlife, reincarnation and other topics of great importance.


Еxtract from the book Zeta Macedonia, 400.000 years of literacy, Macedonian civilization on five continents, tradition up to now - Branko Sotirovski  pg. 208,209






А reindeer from the Vézère Valley, in Dordogne, France.


The artistic expression of the Slav-Macedonians from always has been on a high intellectual level for 500.000 years, in a continuity up to now. 99% of the inventions in the science, as in the Stone Age as today, are made by Slav-Macedonians. In an artistic way they have been transmitting messages through drawings, drawing-ligatures, made with letters from the blossom alphabets: Cyrillic and Latin. With the written text in a form of verses, the have been explaining the daily life in that time, connected with the nature and the supernatural deity, with the God Sun ILI, Virgin Mary Maria Madona, the Planet Macedonia and the divine son IS-ISUS (Jesus), Ilion, Macedon.


The Slav-Macedonians relied on their own science they worked with agriculture and manufacture production of tools and weapons. Their existence which depended of the created surplus of values through the trade exchange along the rivers DON and the sea streams through the seas on the Planet Macedonia, as veins in the human body, as travelers that used the water for traveling were called Glorious Macedonians Veneti. The Slav-Macedonians with developed literacy, language, faith of the truth and the science, were Rulers, Lords on the Planet Macedonia or mortal gods. Тhe modern science should have more respect for those Slav-Macedonians, and it mustn’t deal with measuring of their brains because the present human is with an undeveloped brain, connected to the technology which made him an uneducated slave.


On the picture below (1) is presented the deciphered text on a bone from the Palaeolithic era, found in Madeleine, France, is engraved on the obverse surface with two reindeer, one of which is now incomplete. For the Slav-Macedonians the reindeer is a personification of the deity Sun ILI. The drawing of the reindeer is presenting also a drawing-ligature which is transmitting a religious message. The message is written with the letters of the blossom, today called Cyrillic and in Macedonian language.


The deciphered text is: “IL’SKU SIN” and “I IDI TI IS I ILS”. Transcribed into a modern Macedonian language it means: “AT THE SUNRISE SON AND GO” and “YOU ARE IS-ISUS (JESUS) IN THE SUNLIGHT.”


The reindeer with a look towards to the Sun is presenting a personification of the young Sun ILI. The reindeer is the son IS – ISUS (JESUS), from 25-th of December that is the begging of the New Year.


                                                      The deciphered text from Branko Sotirovski, 25.08.2018 y.



Some of the present scientists claim that the modern human appeared in Zeta Macedonia Europe just 40.000 years ago, migrateding from Africa. This thesis is wrong and unscientific.


It is forgetting of the artefact which is described in the book Zeta Macedonia.


That is the artefact found in Bilzingsleben, Zeta Madonija –Madonia, Luzhice (present Germany) 400.000 years ago, Macedonian era up to now.


The Bilzingsleben site is located in the heart of the territory Lausitz. Indigenous Macedonian people have lived on that territory in continuity for at least 400,000 years. This is testified by all the hills and hollows, waters, vegetation, settlements and communications, named with Macedonian terms, such as the toponym BER-lin, son of Macedon. Namely, this territory – Z. M. Europe holds the most ancient-primordial written evidence for the existence of Slav-Macedonian culture and civilization.


In 2006, John Felix in his article “Graphics from Bilzingsleben” emphasized that in this locality bones found here containing signs, which may be the first evidence that humans interacted with written words, and possessed developed language skills, starting from the stone period until today. It was determined that the bones were 400,000 years old, found at a distance of 10 km from the site, which was discovered by the famous German archaeologist Dietrich Mania. He pointed out that the man of that period had mental abilities and powers of abstract reasoning, on the basis of meticulous exploration of the engraved geometric parallel lines. His study shows that people of that age possessed intelligence, which, together with their ability for symbolic and mathematical cognition makes them equal with the people today.



                                                                            Fossil bone with inscription on the other side.



                                     Deciphered text:             Transcribed into contemporary Macedonian language:

                                     1. J’S I IS IM’S 4+4                 - LOOK AND WITH HER YOU HAVE 4+4 I
                                     2. S’J SI UJI                            - LOOK! I SEE MONTHS.
                                     3. S’M IM’JS’S,                       - JUST YOU HAVE, SHINE.
                                     4. S’JJ’SI SIJ.                         - NOW YOU SHINE BRIGHT.
                                     5. S’J UJI US’J.                      - NOW I IN THE MONTH IN THE LIPS.
                                     6. UJ’M                                   - WITH BINDER.


Unlike Western scholars, in my opinion, the lines on the bone have their aim and purpose and are not made by accident. The lines represent sunrays, light, enlightenment, knowledge, sacred letters with which an erotic message is written for the creation of life on the Planet Macedonia. They simulate the movements of the rays from the Sun to the earth at a certain angle of each ray. At one point, the rays converge with the Planet Macedonia in an erotic point.


According to the decoded text under no. 5: “NOW I IN THE MONTH IN THE LIPS”. The text unequivocally tells us about March, the month of fertilization in the lips of the Planet Macedonia. Here, Sun God ILI-IL addresses his divine children, Gods Macedonians to offer incentive or “BINDER” for more children.
(Read more about in the book Zeta Macedonia, 400.000 years of Macedonian civilization on five continents, tradition up to now pg.183)


The Western scientists make a conscious mistake, and it’s that: The Western art 40.000 years ago is a base of the appearance of the art in the city-states of Athens and Attica around the sixth century BC. They forget that those city-states are not Greek, but Slav-Macedonians, the name Athens (Atina) is with a meaning TATINA (FATHER’S) which is a proof by its name. Athens is the daughter of the father God AT – Dzeus.


“According to the popular art historian Ernst Gombrich, Western art only really got going in the Greek city-states of Athens and Attica around the sixth century BC. “It was here, above all,” he wrote in his bestseller The Story of Art, “that the greatest and most astonishing revolution in the whole history of art bore fruit.” It is thinking of the non-existing Greek art because that art descends from the Slav-Macedonian people.


With these discoveries not only the neighbors of Republic of Macedonia, but the whole European scientific public is shaking with fear, they are confused and don’t have any comment for the revealed truth. They don’t know what to do with themselves and their own invented lies. They are silent as fishes, making exhibitions of artefacts and they are praising that they are the beginning of the Western civilization which is a base of the non-existing Greek culture, which is 40.000 years old. They are that blind from their own lies that from acknowledge, but no one consciously doesn’t see the MACEDONIAN LETTER, the blossom literacy today called Cyrillic and Latin with which are written religious messages in Macedonian language.





[1] Tran. Triangle cave, France, Grotte du Triangle 20,000 – 13,000 years ago of Macedonian era, p. 206.

[308] Mitologija Kelta, Charles Squire, published by CID-NOVA







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