Macedonian alphabet, numbers, language, and faith of Reincarnation. The Blossom script is called Cyrillic and Latin, and the spring digits are called Roman and Arabic. The  Macedonianfaith is the basis of all religions in the world, which have twisted dates, names and misinterpretations. The stone drawing is from Zeta Macedonia Pyrenees, today so-called Spain.

At the junction of the two gorges that form the Rambla del Gergal, is the prehistoric town of Peñón de las Juntas, and near the town, under the slate rock supports, there are five surface rock drawings, two of which have been the subject of classical study by researcher Julian Martinez Garcia, and the other three are waiting to be part of a study that results in advanced anthropomorphic iconography with a tendency towards closed geometric bodies. Shelters of Roca del Almendralejo. Sierra de los Filabres. Andaraks river basin. Almeria. Schematic representation of rock art from the southeast of the peninsula.

Stylized figures are drawn on the rock, with high artistic, practical and symbolic value. The drawings are part of the Macedonian faith in Reincarnation. The ligature is used as an artistic expression. The ligature is with letters and numbers, used to draw a drawing or make a figure, and thus, according to certain regions, the style changes. The stylized form in an artistic manner, so by using the Macedonian language, letters, numbers and faith, Macedonians represent their culture for eternal times, born in Macedonia and spread around the world with the Macedonian Don, Dion, Dionysus. This technique is still practiced today, and is at least 500,000 years old.

Drawing analysis:

1. In the very birth of the universe by the Great Mother Elena, today called, as a parallel mother Paraskeva, St. Petkam she will give birth to Macedon in the universe. He arrives from space, like a DIV – Giant, the mortal God, called Lord. He was born in the small town of the Giants DIVLJE, near Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. 1. SON ILI.

2. The figure of a mother under number 2 represents Planet Macedonia, on December 21st, the thirtieth day, when the solstice begins. In three days, on December 25th, the Little DIV – Makedon will be born, four months before the birth of the new year, on March 21st, when Makedon will be an adult and will be nominated for Zet. He will fertilize his Bride. Symbolically he fertilizes planet Macedonia, after which IS - ISUS is born, the living nature... The little DIV is the young sun, the longest night occurs when he dies, and the day increases starting from December 25th. From that day until December 21st, the Macedonian people will light fires – stakes, where they will burn the Zets, rulers in certain regions throughout Planet Macedonia. They will be angels messengers of the Sun God. That angel in Christianity will be called Angel Michael, and will convey the personal and social prayers of the Macedonians. In the Middle Ages, the alienated Macedonians would use the stake to destroy witches. In fact, these people were suffering from the mental illness Ergotism, caused by the Ergot fungus, which is found in rotten rye flour. Macedonian patriots, who opposed the new wrong religion of Christianity, were also burned at the stake.

3. Drawing no. 3 represents the sun. The drawing reads: “SONCE, S’L SI JSNO LITI (Transcribed; “Sun, just shine bright and fly”). With this saying the sun is cheered on, it is begged to shine brightly and to increase the day, beginning from December 25th.

4. Drawing No. 4 is a stake preparation. The Zet is already tied to the wings of heaven, like the Angel Michael. People have gathered around him, to hand over their requests for him to convey them to the Sun God. Among them are his mother Maria, Madona, the Mother of God, Planet Macedonia. In fact, these figures are stylized Blossom letters, reading: “L’T ISO I SIAL” (Transcribed: “Fly Iso and shine”).

5. Drawing no. 5 shows the stake burning. Iso is transformed into flaming tongues traveling towards the sun. He turns into the bird Phoenix. At the foot of the stake there is a text reading Z’T ISO (Transcribed: “Zet Isus”, meaning Son-in-law Jesus.

6. Inscription no. 6 says: “IT IS”. This inscription indicates that the birth of winter or IS – Isus from the 25th of December is being hinted at.

7. Inscription no. 7 indicates that the Zet will “US” – “fall asleep”, dream, sleep, until December 25th – when he’ll wake up in “DZ’L” – gaze.

8. Drawing no. 8 shows the Phoenix bird. Its gaze “DZ'L” will now fly off like a phoenix, “L’TO” – will fly, “S’UJ” – with ujam, preduja or kapar (advance), in fact the sacrifice of Zet Iso. From the flame the bird Phoenix appears, reincarnating into a new life.

Macedonians sang and danced during the rituals. The Zet goes to the stake with joy. A transcribed text is written, in verses for which a melody will be made.

Son Ile                                   – The singer is a priest telling a story

Son Ile,                               – A young man, who has been ZET for two years.
Son Ils,                                   – Is inscribed into a wooden cross. Around him are sticks.
Divine son of light.              – The sticks are put to fire, strong flame – fire appears.
With your word fly away.    – The priest encourages him to fly with the fire to the Sun.

From Macedonia,                 – The event happens in Macedonia. A ritual is held,
From Macedonia,                 – sacrifice on a stake for a greater yield in agriculture.             
Clear rays he shines           – The Zet is Iso – Isus. His flame, in which his spirit
Iso, towards the sun.          – and his soul dwell is travelling towards the sun.

With the cross on a stake,  – The priest – story-teller is speaking.
A sprout he sees.                 – “He’s already feeling spring, Nature is sprouting”.
Fly, you Firebird!                  – From the stake the Firebird appears – Phoenix.
Macedonian word is born. – The priest shouts “Macedonian word is born”.   


Son Ile
Son Ils. 
Fly, you Firebird. 




The Western-European archeologists and analysts consider that these drawings are just a piece of art, which are “monstrous human figures”. Unlike the individuals who think differently that is a letter with а determined language. Actually the drawings are transmitting secret messages from the Macedonian faith of the Truth in Macedonian language and Cyrillic letter. The message on the drawing is clear, the God Sun ILIJA (Elijah) with his son Macedon.
Georgeos Díaz-Montexano Más que incomprensibles representaciones de monstruosos seres humanoides medio humano medio golondrinas, que solo ven algunos arqueólogos, cada vez somos más los que vemos signos geométricos y lineales simples que se combinan formando anagramas de acuerdo a cierta sintaxis para formar palabras y, por tanto, mensajes, es decir, signos de una proto-escritura que hasta podemos leer o entender en no pocos casos.
Antropomorfos singulares de tipo golondrina con dos barras horizontales y paralelas entre el tronco y los brazos.
Importantes paralelos entre la fases más esquemáticas del Arte Sureño y del arte rupestre de Sierra Morena que apuntan a un mismo horizonte artístico. La primera imagen pertenece a la Cueva del collado de la Ginesa en un creston cuarcítico sobre el río Despeñaperros en el norte de Jaen y la segunda a la cueva del Altozano en un refugio areniscoso sobre el río Hozgarganta en el sur de Cádiz. Arte esquemático calcólitico ibérico.







Recently in the Facebook-group Arte Sureño. El Arte Rupestre del Estrecho de Gibraltar was posted this drawing-ligature, in Peña Escrita, Granada, present-day Spain in the region of Zeta Macedonia Pyrenean.


On that drawing-ligature is written: “IL’S SIE SILU XXII”, which transcribed into modern Macedonian language means: The Sun shines with the power from 22-nd of March. Here it is about the Sun and the sunrays and their power from 22-nd of March, the beginning of the spring. The power of the sunrays which are fertilizing the Planet Macedonia is indisputable. The divine spirit ILION is placed in the lightness and the heat, but in the Mother Planet Macedonia is placed the Macedonian spirit Macedon. From the both spirits from 22-nd of March is born IS, the whole living nature. On 22-nd of March according to the Macedonian logical thought where the science received the God Father Sun ILIJA for the creation of the world is placed, the Macedonians through a ritual ceremony in a form of a personification are disseminating to their people, but also to the other tribal groups all around the world. On 22-nd of March in the observatory Kokino, Republic of Macedonia, the new Zet (son-in-law) will be nominated and he will become the divinated Sir, Lord, God on the Planet Macedonia, mortal GOD. The Zet (son-in-law), the mortal God will marry the Bride Macedonia and will fertilize her when on 21-st of December IS will be born, R’S – JESUS,the rising day.


The so-called scientists – archeologists consider that in the Stone Age all around the world the drawings on stone and soil were just some kind of an art, but not and literacy. That is because of the fact of the wrong Darwin’s theory, acknowledge of the Macedonian letter – Cyrillic and the Macedonian language, just like the desire of forgetting the Macedonian culture and considering that is West-European.


However, Mr. Georgeos Díaz-Montexano agrees with the Branko Sotirovski’s constitution who is the author of the book “Zeta Macedonia” and says that on this drawing he could find words according to him such as: from left to right – yh (ze) – “this is the God” or “here (that is or lives) God”. We can agree with his interpretation because the word ZE (DZE) in the Macedonian language means a glaze. That is the divine glaze – DZEUS. The man’s principle of the God Sun ILI.







At the peninsula Zeta Macedonia Pyrenean (present-day Spain), are found numerous inscriptions that are proving the existence of the Macedonian culture; language; literacy, faith and science at least 500.000 years ago which is speared on five continents.  


One of those inscriptions is also the inscription that was found in the Cave of Bacinete in Cadiz, present-day Spain. On the inscription is presented a young deer that is a personification of the young Sun from 25-th of December. The inscription is made into a form of a ligature where is written from left to right: “IL S’N IT”, transcribed into modern Macedonian language means: THE YOUNG DEER “THE SON OF IL IS HURRYING”.


The young deer that is a personification the young Sun, actually is the son of the God Sun – Jesus.






In the south of the peninsula Zeta Macedonia Pyrenees (present-day Spain) is a chain of Macedonian shrines – caves in which figures of animals, abstract representations of men and Macedonian BLOSSOM script (Cyrillic and Latin) were painted, presenting Macedonian monotheistic faith in the word of the truth of the unique GOD Sun ILI.


One of that caves is the cave Cueva de la Pileta, which is placed in Malaga, Spain. Where is found the following deciphered inscription in a form of a drawing-ligature. Along this inscription, there had been found and many other inscriptions presented in a form of a drawing-ligatures with the Macedonian letter (Cyrillic and Latin). Such as: paintings of goats, cattles, horses and ext. According to the East Europeans, the larger paintings are 35.000-20.000 years old. But also, according to them, the following deciphered inscription is actually a painting which is presenting a man-bird.


The deciphered inscription is: “UJ IS ISHT’ PT’CA IT’SI DZE”, which translated into a modern Macedonian language means: THE NEW SUN IS – ISUS (JESUS) HURRIES AS A BIRD AND IT’S WATCHING.






According to the language, literacy and culture we concluded that Europeans are Slav Macedonians. Spaniards are Slav Macedonians, but there are not Greek. This tradition is with a continuity of 500.000 y. 

On the deciphered inscription, posted on the Facebook group Arte Sureño. El Arte Rupestre del Estrecho de Gibraltar by Tomas Linares, is written: "SEJ ILI S L'M ILIJA" or transcribed on modern Macedonian language it ,it means: "SOW ILI WITH LOM (SUN RAY) ILIJA". 






                                                         LIGHT – DIVINE SPIRIT MACEDON



Macedonians have always had their own monotheistic faith of the TRUTH. It is a faith and belief in the only God Father Son ILI, the Goddess Mother of God Maria, Madona, Planet Macedonia and faith in the divine spirit Macedon. The divine spirit Macedon represents light. Macedonians who are word-aware, today called Slavs, regard light as transmitter of energy, in the form of science, script, faith and music. It is super concentrated light, which is the divine spirit Macedon, it is lightning DZE-DZEUS. They place light – divine spirit Macedon as a wall conjunction between the sacred and the secular trinity. These are the megalithic walls, which are located on five continents and under all seas. In the Republic of Macedonia, the wall "Divine Spirit Macedon" is known near the town of Vila Zora – Bela Zora (White Dawn), today called Sveti Nikole, meaning the Light of the Sun.


                                    Megalithic wall DIVINE SPIRIT MACEDON, Sveti Nikole, Republic of Macedonia 500,000 y.
      It is placed on a sedimentary rock, which serves as a foundation between the Bogoslovec mountain and the river Bregalnica.
The Bogoslovec mountain is a pyramid of the Holy Trinity between: Sun God Sun ILI, spring Don-river and the divine spirit Macedon.
                           The river – DON Bregalnica personifies Mother Planet Macedonia or the secular trinity between:
                                                                      Sunray IL, Planet Macedonia and God, Lord Macedon.



In addition to the megalithic walls, the Macedonians have many types of light representations with personification. One of the ways of representing light is representation with a capricorn. Records in the form of drawings and drawing-ligatures of a capricorn can be found on five continents. The Great Mother of the Universe, Elena, will immortalize the capricorn with an untouchable record into space. It's the constellation Capricorn.



                                   South constellation Capricorn, born of the Great Mother Elena, birth-giver of the universe.



The white Capricorn for the Macedonians is the materialization of the super-matter light, and the light is the divine spirit Macedon. It is a heavenly creature angel, а heavenly melody, the embodiment of beauty, kindness, boldness and courage. It is a symbol of force, disobedience and freedom. Light IL – the Capricorn is a deity SE called PAN (full, ample, “P'N”). Every year on December 25th at the time of the Constellation Capricorn a new light, the young Sun is born. It is born when the new day increases, and the night decreases. The young Sun and the new day of December 25th which increases is called GROWTH OF THE DAY (RAST NA DENOT or R'ST, Ristos, Christ.

In Zeta Macedonia Pyrenees, today called Spain, the district Cueva de las Palomas IV Tarifa. Arte Sureño neolítico. El arte rupestre del Campo de Gibraltar is rich in drawings and drawing-ligatures on rocks. These records represent a huge treasury of Macedonian religious messages, prayers and scientific thoughts, left by the autochthonous Macedonian people in that area. The present-day Spaniards are, in fact, descendants of the Macedonians. There is lot of evidence for this claim. The evidence is presented through Macedonian science with Macedonian language, script and faith Macedonian, throughout the entire Zeta Macedonia Pyrénées.
Such is the case with the inscription from the cave Palomas IV of Tarifa. The drawing-ligature reads: „МСНИ ЈАРЕЦ, УШТЕ СИЕ С’ ИЛ“ (“MSNI JAREC, USHTE SIE S’ IL”). This inscription represents to us the dialect word "MSNI" used to this day in the Republic of Macedonia, meaning: strike, fertilize. This refers to the strike of the Capricorn with both horns, a symbol of both worlds: the upper and lower one. The capricorn as a symbol of concentrated energy – the lightning, Macedonian people pray for a fertilizing strike in the form of lightning. The tree of eternity is presented as a ligature onto which “USHTE” (“MORE”) is written. With this word, the author points to us the fact of the power of light. After the lightning strike and the coming rain, the sun will still shine, which will contribute to the development and growth of life.


       Deciphered text from the drawing-ligature from the cave Palomas IV, Tarifa, Zeta Macedonia Pyrenees (present-day Spain)



Macedonians personify the day that increases with a person called IS – ISUS, and with the animal of the cat family – lynx. The name of the lynx comes from the Macedonian root "Leuk", meaning: light, glow, L'S, R'S, RIS, RISTOS – because of the glow of his eyes. 



                          Coin of the Republic of Macedonia. The obverse contains a representation of the Macedonian lynx. 
                                              The name of the lynx comes from the Macedonian root "Leuk", which means: 
                                                      light, glow, L'S, R'S, RIS, RISTOS – because of the glow of his eyes.



                                        Coins with the look of Alexander III Macedonian, surrounded by seven stars –  
                 Macedonian shield on the obverse, on the head he has two horns of a Capricorn, symbol of the two worlds:
                       the upper and the lower. This tradition leads a root from the Stone Age of the Macedonian people,
                                                                                       at least 500.000 years ago.



Alexander III Macedonian called himself as a God Sun. With the horns of a Capricorn, he is showing his holiness as a master of the two worlds: the upper and the lower. 

To be continued…




Zeta Macedonia Pyrenean (present-day Spain).



Similar to this inscription which presents the way of the soul which travels from the Planet Macedonia towards to the Sun and from the Sun towards to the Planet Macedonia, we also find in Ilina Gora, Upper sanctuary, Osinchani, near Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, 7,000 – 6,000 years Maced. era before Christianity where is written: „The Macedonian BLOSSOM alphabet and the Macedonian language of the SUN were used to write: “KRESHT SE SI U L’T S’L S ILJU” meaning “RESURRECT IN FLIGHT ONLY WITH THE SUN”. Ilina Gora, Upper sanctuary, Osinchani, near Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.
The inscription is a cultural monument of Macedonian people and is a testimony of the ceremonial funeral rites, of the journey of body and soul to the Sun. Using fire as a symbol of the Sun and flames as a symbol of sunrays, souls sail towards the Sun for purification, and through the rays with the help of divine lightning, are transmitted in the centre of the spiral, where they multiply – resurrect, called “KRESHT” in heaven as divine spirit Macedon. The  divine spirit Macedon, entered the VSELENA (universe) with the help of divine lightning DZE and the deer, as a symbol of the sunray, using the “adzil’k” (gaze through the rainbow), arrives in Macedonia – Paradise as sunray,  music with Macedonian rhythm, space dust, dew, sprinkle or fertilizer. 
The word “KRESHT” means “RESURRECT”. The Lord – God Macedonian placed on a pyre sails off to the Sun, but in order to resurrect again. This inscription indicates the ritual of resurrection, rebirth and reincarnation.” - Excerpt from the book Zeta Macedonia 400,000 years of literacy, p. 98.






Jesus's heart - the heart of mother Planet Macedonia.





Present-day Europeans, as Macedonian people and Macedonian letter BLOSSOM, which presents the Macedonian monotheistic faith in the REAL letter of the only GOD Sun ILI, the mother Maria, Madona-ruler, the Planet Macedonia and the divine son Zetot (son-in-law), Macedon, The Only, Son-in-law, Don, Dion, Dionis, Hermes, Asklepij, Alexander, Ptolomej, St. Nicolas, Jesus.



The Macedonian area Iberija, present-day Spain, a part of the Macedonian territory Zeta Macedonia Europe. Of this territory was living autochthonic Macedonian people. Macedonian culture was blossoming at least 1,2 million years ago. According to this evidence 40.000 years ago and according to the book “Zeta Macedonia”, in Republic of Macedonia, in Zeta Macedonia Europe and wider at least 500.000 years ago. The word Iberija is a Macedonian toponуm, which means: I-BER-ija, BER is the son of the Macedonian God, from the Macedonian mythology MACEDON.





Zeta Macedonia Pyrenean (present-day so-called Spain).

Macedonian inscription – drawing-ligature, 14.000 years, Campo de Gibraltar.
Macedonian faith in the Sun and the Cosmos.
At the south of the peninsula Zeta Macedonia Pyrenean (present-day Spain), is located chain of Macedonian temples – caves where are drawn figures of animals, abstract performance of a human and Macedonian letter – BLOSSOM, which presents the Macedonian monotheistic faith in the right letter of the only GOD Sun ILI, mother Maria Madon-ruler, Macedonia and the divine son Zet (bride’s husband), Macedon, The only one, Hermes, Jesus.


White man Macedon from always had lived on the whole territory of todays called Europe, as on the other continents. Today’s scientists with their theory, as an assumption, they consider that there was an ape. He was self-created at one human settlement and he speared on the whole Planet Macedonia. Mysteriously he turned himself into a white man. He migrated from one territory to another. Every human group was going and returning from everywhere, and the scientists don’t know from where. They consider that only the today’s German people came from nowhere and they were created from nothing by themselves. The European culture is a successor of the Roman and non-existing Greek culture without any root.
Unlike the todays “scientific” knowledges, in the book Zeta Macedonia, inscriptions on the monuments of the culture are processed, which were found on five continents. Scientifically is presented the knowledge of the BLOSSOM letter (Cyrillic and Latin) and the SPRING numbers, MACEDONIAN language, monotheistic faith in the mother Maria-Madona, ruler, Macedonia, father Sun Elijah and the son after father Ilion and after mother Macedon. The faith is practiced with the universal musical rhythm 7/8 (the base of all rhythms in the world). According to this, the white man Macedon at least 500.000 years ago is a founder and porter of the world science and culture.
He presented the scientific knowledges through the monotheistic faith. He built temple made out of wood and stone. He used the configuration of the area, numerous caves, as temples of Maria-Madona Macedonia, where the young Sun on 25-th of December is reincarnated, as a son-in-law (ZET), IS, RIS, RISTOS, JESUS, the only HERMES.
Judeans will use this Macedonian faith. They will collect the Macedonian scientists who will write the Bible, where we meet the noun Macedonia for 36 times. They will proclaim that IS-ISUS (JESUS) is born in Nazareth, present-day Israel. Actually, IS-ISUS (JESUS) is born in every cave as a Macedonian temple around the whole Planet Macedonia. In a lack of mountains where are caves, Macedonians built artificial mountains, pyramids, with underground corridors and rooms.
The territory of Zeta Macedonia Pyrenean (present-day Spain), is full of Macedonian temples. One of the most famous areas are the South part of Zeta Macedonia Ilion, Arna, Malaga, Giblartar. That area is full of caves, Macedonian temples, where are inscriptions. The decrypted inscriptions are presented on the web-site.



Транскрибирано на современ македонски јазик гласи:
Transcribed on Macedonian modern language and translated on English language says:












                                                         Fertilizing power of the Sun




































Author: Branko Sotirovski - (Sūkè ) 苏克

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