1. Introduction

This article reconstructs the Macedonian scientific interpretation, since the Stone Age, regarding the origin of the world. This is the science of the Sun god, a Macedonian soul, with a clear DAY and the sharp VISION of Macedon. The vision is a look at the reincarnation of life in paradise, and the eternal hell of the blind mind, these are David and Goliath.
Scientific interpretation is a divine scientific word, arrived at through the Only Zet (Son-in-law) – DZET and his lithius or shepherd’s crook. The divine Dzet to his glorious Macedonians, to his Asian brothers from the mother’s side, his Native Americans descendants from the father’s side, and all along the mountains where the new Uyghur Gorans live, transmits the scientific word through the veins – rivers to all Macedonians – Veneti living across the long and fertile soil AR. The divine word, the Macedonian soul, the Zet transmits through the visible, bright Macedonian faith, the faith of truth, with the glorious Macedonian language, the famous Macedonian alphabet BLOSSOM (Cyrillic and Latin alphabet), with the prominent Macedonian digits of spring, with nine strings and the zero as a sun. The only Macedonian Zet sings a divine song, like a forest nightingale, with the 7/8 Macedonian rhythm. With the music rhythm in conjunction with the divine speech, the language transmits information between the Stars god in space and the Lords of planet Macedonia. It communicates with the deceased, who are reincarnated on the parallel planet Macedonia, located on the other side of the sun. With the pirvey song it moves objects and mountains, elevating the Lords to heavenly heights. All this glory is in honour of the SLAV Lord Dzet Macedon, who represents the Macedonian Stars Gods called Lords, Masters, God of planet Macedonia.

One can see immediately, from the way of interpretation, the involvement of science with God. The reason is that there are divine laws, from God Father Sun Star ILIJA and God Father Star Dzet Macedon, with a temporary stay on planet Macedonia as the Lord Star Dzet Macedonian.
It must be said immediately that the Sun God helps the Macedonian gods, but also knows how to punish. The help lies in the well-being of the temporary life on planet Macedonia and the eternal abode in Macedonia paradise in space. Help consists of welcoming the spirit and the soul, purifying the Macedon spirit and retaining and reincarnating the soul. The punishment for major sins, such as abusing and changing the name Macedonia, is an endless wandering through the universe and burning in the cold and hot.

At the very beginning of time, 5 million years ago, there was light and darkness. Darkness is light, and light is dark. That light and darkness is in fact the Great Mother called MadoMnia Elena, who with the help of God’s seed – the divine spirit Macedon, as an integral part of the SPACE DUST, gives birth to the universe, who will give birth to her son God DZE in the form of all constellations, will give birth to the daughter planet Macedonia and God Star DZET Macedonia, together with the Macedonian people. By the Macedonians Madomnia is depicted as a sculpture made of clay, with a cube shape, as a living space from which the protective mother emerges. 



                                                  Fig. 1 Mother DOM, MadoMnia called Elena. (The term "Madomania" was discovered by the linguist Miloš Lindro. Talk dated 12-12-2018). The sculpture Mother Madomania – Elena was created by the lords mortal gods. It symbolizes the universe, as a home called Macedonia Paradise and Hell, a nourishing mother, a family sanctuary.


The original terracotta sculpture was found in a house in the Neolithic settlement "Tumba" Madzari, near Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, in 1981, and it is 39 cm high.
The Great Mother is portrayed as the goddess of fertility and has the role of keeping the peace in the home of Macedon, paradise Macedonia in space, the home planet Macedonia, the home of Macedon – Macedonia, and the home of love between the Zet (Son-in-law) and the Bride for the creation and cultivation of new stars.
The Great Mother Elena is the protector of the god with a limited stay on planet Macedonia, called God Star Macedon – the Macedonian, and she protects him from the universal hell. Hell is made of hot and cold, where the impure souls, the alienated Macedonians, burn eternally. She is the protector of the home – the universe, a system of organically harmonized functions, including God Star Macedon, (reincarnated by the Blue Star Zhiva (Alive), the organ of God for the production of life energy in Lower Macedonia in the form of the divine spirit Macedon).
The system of organically aligned functions from countless stars represents one GOD. The Great Mother is represented by a cylinder with a face coming out of a rectangular pedestal – a home. The home is the micro world, the abode of Macedon, but it is also the macro world of the total universe from which the micro particles come, as the divine spirit Macedon. These are the elliptical openings in the home, set at an angle of 32 degrees.
At the same time with her arms wide open she holds the roof – the universe and it seems that is comes out of it. The widespread arms write the letter "M" – an abbreviation for the noun Macedonia. The character is sketchy, the eyes are accentuated, the hairstyle modern at the time, it has small breasts and hands decorated with plastic bracelets.
On the Macedonian Peninsula and beyond throughout the planet Macedonia, the monotheistic faith of Recovery or Reincarnation has developed. The only one who will carry out the reincarnation is the revered "Great Mother" (Magna Mater), Elena – the birth giver of the universe together with planet Macedonia, and it goes back for 500,000 years. The symbol of the Great Mother Elena is the cross and the snake – the eel



 The only one who will carry out the reincarnation is the revered "Great Mother" (Magna Mater), Elena – the giver mother of universe together with planet Macedonia – the birth giver of R'S, Ris, Risto, IS, Jesus, and the Macedonian gods Ilion and Macedon.



2. Cross Constellation.

The stars of the Northern Cross are visible in the western sky during December evenings. The Cross Constellation is home to Cygnus X-1, located at 1/2 degree in the upper left corner of Eta Cygni, and is one of the strongest X-ray sources visible to the naked eye.


              Fig. 2 Cross Constellation, with the Blue Star Zhiva (Alive) object and an X-1 "black hole" transporter, at the site of Jesus’ spear piercing.

Cygnus X-1 is a binary system 6,000 light years away from Planet Macedonia. Presumably, according to researchers today, HDE 226868 is "near the end of its life". Nearby, there is an invisible companion with a mass 10 times that of the sun, but there is no sign of visible light from the companion, and something in the object produces x-rays. Again assuming that, it is a model that, "best suits a black hole, and is considered to be the corpse of a massive star that was once a companion to HDE 226868".
The atmosphere of the blue super star collapses in the accompanying object – a transporter, which heats, produces and emits X-rays.


Fig. 3 Mother of the Universe Elena is also a birth giver to the blue star Zhiva, with its companion X-1 radioactive rays emitter, she is LIFE ENERGY of Lower Macedonia



       Fig. 4 Aesculapius with shepherd’s crook, lithius, god’s lightning,             Fig. 5 Symbol of Macedonia
Energetic antennae, through which the heathy nature                              Eel constellation, Dzmej-Dzmija
 Of Upper Macedonia arrives from  the                                                      (Dragon-Snake) in the form
       Eel Snake constellation.                                                                                of the letter “М”.

 According to the scientific thought of the Macedonians from the Stone Age, perceived through the deciphered texts found throughout the world, this system is a living organ, composed of a supergiant – ATLAS, a blue light body HDE 226,868. The blue atmosphere of this object will be sucked in the second organ the black hole, which is the womb of mother Elena. In this way mother Elena gives birth to the blue coloured life energy of lower Macedonia. These are the brides Macedonias that circle around each star. The brides are wrapped in a blue atmosphere, made up of the life energy that came from Mother Elena's womb, as a female sex cell. The blue atmosphere around the planet Macedonia is in gaseous state – water vapour, and will turn into water droplets with the help of the divine spirit Macedon in the form of space dust. Each droplet will be fertilized with a sprout, that is, Nik'la, Nikula, Nikola, the micron seed of space dust – the Macedon spirit. Of course the life energy of Planet Macedonia arrives from the universe through the sloping bridges – the cosmos of the Great Mother Elena. Under certain conditions the dew drops will fall in the form of rain on countless pyramid mountains. Planet Macedonia absorbs the life energy in the underground corridors and the white star Sun Ilija with its light, as a Macedonian soul, will fertilize. The fruit will be born from the only womb on planet Macedonia, and it is the Matka Canyon near Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. The Matka Canyon is the birthplace of the living world IS – Isus (Is from US – lips of the womb on March 22nd, the beginning of the new year for the Macedonians). The noun IS denotes all living organisms together with the living light, which is the Macedonian language, script, digits, song, faith of truth, science and culture, which come from the God Star Zet Macedonian.
Star HDE 226,868 is located in the Cross constellation where the crucified Jesus will be pierced with a spear. This principle – the reincarnation of life, based on the death of star HDE 226868, to give birth to a new life, is the foundation of the living world on Planet Macedonia and the life in the universe Paradise Macedonia constellation eel – snake – dragon.


3. the only father, mother and divine spirit of ris – risto and is – iso.

God the Father Sun Elijah is a star, it is part of countless stars in outer space, as one divine HE. Among that deity is the blue Shiva star Cygnus X-1, the X-ray producer - the living energy of Lower Macedonia, who are actually the spirit of the divine Macedon. As told above of these two stars the soul and spirit of the Macedonians arrive. Because of these two components, which characterize the people Macedonian - Macedonian, they represent gods, equal to all the stars in space, as one deity.
Macedonians according to the divinity Star Bela - Ilija, among other features, have a characteristic white complexion on the skin, and according to the blue star Shiva have blue eyes. Due to the fact of the temporary and false life on planet Macedonia, the gods Macedonians will be called gentlemen, masters, Lord of planet Macedonia. God is a temporary title for the gods Macedonians, for the false temporary life on planet Macedonia. This life of the Lord Star Zet Macedon serves only the Glory of the Deity of innumerable stars.

..............................  ............................
                    Fig. 6 Star – God Sun Ilija.                              Fig. 7 Star God Sun Zhiva (Alive), from this
                                                                                               star from where the soul comes
                                                                               – divine knowledge –
                                                                                        comes the life energy divine spirit Macedon.



God Star Dzet Macedon will call the sun star IL, ILI, Don, Pan, Atlas. The sun serves as a fertilizer of Planet Macedonia. 


Fig. 8 Macedonian inscription found on God Sun called ATLAS, in Vermont USA. Deciphered text, which reads from right to left and vice versa: “RIPNAL OD SRT ATLAS OD XXI-vi VRT.” (FROM THE RIDGE JUMPED ATLAS FROM THE XXI VRT (vrtolum)”. According to the written and deciphered texts around the world the age of this inscription is 100,000-14,500 years before the renaming of the Macedonian faith into the Truth in Christianity.


Mother Planet Macedonia is the birth giver of the day of December XXV personified with the Macedonian Risto.
She is also the birth giver of IS – the total living nature of the planet, personified by the Macedonian ISO, ISUS.
According to Macedonian scientific thought, the total living nature of Planet Macedonia was born from Mother Marija, Ma-domina – mistress, Donna, planet Macedonia. (Donna meaning: Goddess, spring, river, low ground around rivers, gift, donation from Mother Marija.) The total living nature, all living organisms born of Planet Macedonia, are for the needs of the Macedonians.
The planet they live on is called PLANET MACEDONIA (without the letter "J"). They live in an organized society with a ruler Zet-Dzet and his state apparatus. They develop the scientific view in all spheres of social life. Science was regarded as a gift from God, a present (a talent). The only god of the Macedonians, in their immediate vicinity, is the sun called IL, ILI, ILJO, with its own sun rays representing the day’s gaze, view, (personified by David). All scientific thought was written in the form of symbols as a hidden message. The first and basic symbol of the Macedonians is the POINT – the divine spirit Macedon. 




            Fig. 9 Healthy White Wall snake, divine spirit and                     Fig. 10 The Holy Trinity creating
soul Macedon. The stone blocks like mega points                          life on Planet Macedonia. 
are interconnected with a binder in the form of DZMIJA (snake).

The point can act as the micro world (space dust), the female and male divine seed – sprout (in Christianity called St. Nicholas), and as the macro world, as the Sun and Planet Macedonia. All geometric images and figures are Macedonian symbols of the scientific hidden speech, arrived from God Sun ILI, as the word of God. Also, from the Sun God comes the melody and the language used to communicate, lead the dance, speak. The Word of God is received by the Only ZET-Dzet, a mortal god called LORD Dzet-Macedon, Don, Dion, Dionysus.
According to documents written on soil, rock, sea depths and universe, Macedonians live on five continents, and continue to live in outer space after their health becomes poor. They reach the universe through the pyre, the sloping bridge, the cosmos, in fact it is the slanted position of the constellation Cross Paradise Macedonia. The cosmos is called Macedonia Cosmic.
The point can act as the micro world (space dust), the female and male divine seed – sprout (in Christianity called St. Nicholas), and as the macro world, as the Sun and Planet Macedonia. All geometric images and figures are Macedonian symbols of the scientific hidden speech, arrived from God Sun ILI, as the word of God. Also, from the Sun God comes the melody and the language used to communicate, lead the dance, speak. The Word of God is received by the Only ZET-Dzet, a mortal god called LORD Dzet-Macedon, Don, Dion, Dionysus.
According to documents written on soil, rock, sea depths and universe, Macedonians live on five continents, and continue to live in outer space after their health becomes poor. They reach the universe through the pyre, the sloping bridge, the cosmos, in fact it is the slanted position of the constellation Cross Paradise Macedonia. The cosmos is called Macedonia Cosmic.

4. Lord Star Macedon, guiding star, luminous body that radiates light. 

The logical thought of the Macedonian people and the entire science is contained in the micro world of Macedon. In fact, Macedon is a reflection of the entire nature IS of planet Macedonia, as well as of Cosmos Macedonia. Lord Star Macedon is equal to Father Sun ILI in the creation of light, and to Macedonia Paradise. Macedon fertilizes Planet Macedonia with his work, song and good thought.
Hell is also found in the universe. Sinful Macedonians alienated from their kin, by changing their name, make their soul wander through space, burning in eternal cold and heat. Big sinners are also those who support the thesis that planet Macedonia was poorly populated, "there were no people, the population was sparsely distributed everywhere, and only in western Europe self-made people lived”.

5. "The scientific opinion of western theorists".

Scientists from Western Europe disseminate all kinds of stories about the creation of the world. They invent "scientific" studies for the origin of life, the alleged evolution of man and the continuity of European and world culture. In their view, only European culture has no root, making it the youngest on Planet Macedonia. According to them, European culture originates from the Roman, the Roman originates from the Greek, dating from 1832.
The continuity of culture in Europe from thousands of years ago rests on a loose connection that goes “ANCIENT GREEKS, GERMANS, FRENCH, AND ENGLISH". If you turn on logic, you (the reader) are the eldest in time. Time passes, it gets older, we are all descendants of people who lived in the past, in a younger age. But we may be older with our age and maturity, we are in the older years of life, unlike our ancestors who died younger than us. So the saying "Ancient Greeks", similar to "ancient You", is a denial of oneself. To prevent this from happening, the Macedonians 500,000 years ago invented Spring digits, Blossom letters, personal names, names of territories, history, and culture of living. Western Europeans deny themselves, viewing East Asian culture as the oldest in the world with an elapsed time period from 3,000 to 5,000 years ago.
Many "scientist" historians in the Republic of Macedonia quote this quasi-science. They do not include their own logical thought. Most are ashamed of their Macedonian ancestry since 500,000 years ago. The records found in the Republic of Macedonia and around the world they do not consider to be historical evidence. Thereby they do not recognize history as a science. And history is, among other things, a record at the moment of events and phenomena. This means that yesterday and last year are already history. What does that mean? This means that all of your possessions acquired in the past days and years, by not recognizing history, strengthened by the change of your personal and social name are no longer yours.

In Christianity the following question is often asked, "Are we true believers?" To someone to ask this question we must understand that he either has limited mental abilities, or he considers those for whom the question is intended as limited and backward in mental development. Why? Because there is only one truth. If we are not true then we are false believers.
First, what we should believe "truly," in order to be "true believers." Are we to believe Christian "dogmas", which are opinions or statements without evidence, absolute truth without critical verification. Do we truly need to believe in the "divinity" as something scary, invisible, and not dare to think what it is. Served only as God, the Lord and divine spirit, creator of everything. Are we to believe in the portrayal of Jesus' self-sacrifice for the salvation of humanity; that he is love, and sacrificed himself on the cross, and all this for the love towards people, for their salvation?
Today the symbolism is clear. The tormented Jesus is actually a Macedonian – Macedonia, which must die with the help of the city of Rome, in order for a new world order to be born, which today is the old one and already nearing its end.
Whether we like it or not, we are all true believers. What do we believe in? We believe in the life of the coming day.
We believe in the emergence of the morning sun. We believe in the love between the sun and Planet Macedonia. We believe in our kin and our children, our sacrifice for a new life that everyone gives to their child. We believe in our Mother PLANET Macedonia, to feed the Lords Stars Macedonians. We believe in the day of freedom and the free thinking of the day when the innocent Macedonian Iso will be renamed – crucified in Jesus, and the alienated Macedonians called Romans will crucify him. Accordingly, our faith is strong and unique.

6. Risto – Ristos

Planet Macedonia gives birth to the day which increases from the 25th December. That day called LOM meaning light.

        Fig. 11 Deciphered text no. 30, written by Macedonians in the Macedonian country of the Iberian Peninsula.


He growing day starting from December 25th or the new day, the new young sun is personified by a newborn baby, the young Dzet-Ruler, called R'S, R'STO, RASTKO, RISTO, RISTOS of the day, the young sun, the young Dzet Rasko rising, (Risto is not a man; it is a growing day). "LOM" meaning light, breaking of light, a day when night begins to decrease and the day increases.


  Fig. 12 Deciphered text 29, written by Macedonians in the Macedonian country of the Iberian Peninsula.


It grows until the length of the day levels with the length of the night. It is the day when the growth ends. That day is the day of Dzet's adulthood, when he will be divinified and made equal with his God Sun ILIJA. 

7. Is – Iso, ISUS. 

The living Nature IS is a nourisher and savior of the Macedonians. Mother Planet Macedonia gives birth, bestows, sacrifices the entire living nature IS to save its protector, the reincarnated Lord Star Dzet Macedon.
The living Nature IS is born from the womb (Matka Canyon), the lips of Mother Planet Macedonia, fertilized by Father Sun Ilija. This phenomenon is personified by the Dzet called Iso-Isus and the Bride called Marija. This personification goes back in the past, 500,000 years ago. IS in recent Macedonian history is called Don, Dion, Dionysus, Hermes, Aesculapius, Moses, St. Panteleimon, St. Nicholas, Santa Claus.
On March 22nd, the Dzet will be deified, a mortal god called Lord, will be engaged with his Bride at the top of the mountains, as well as at the Kokino Observatory.
From the day of XXII March the adult Dzet and the Sun with the gaze, light or Divine soul Macedonian, together with the divine spirit Macedon, will conceive the fruit that grows in the womb of Marija and Planet Macedonia. The mortal Goddess Mistress Marija – MadoMNa nine months later from that day on XXII December will give birth to the new Dzet Rasko (the growing day).
In the event the deified Dzet, like God, fails to fertilize his bride and, with that, Planet Macedonia, there will be famine. Therefore, after one year, the Dzet will be sacrificed. He will sail into the upper life in the cosmos with joy and the help of a divine poppy potion, through a pyre. In case of successful fertilization, he will live until his natural death, as an old Tesht (Father-in-law) (in Christianity called St. Nicholas – a sprout), father of the well-being of Planet Macedonia. This part of the Macedonian faith of truth will be used by Christianity to persecute progressive people in science, as well as Macedonian patriots throughout Europe.
From the day of fertilization of the planet Macedonia with the gaze of the now young Dzet Father Sun, the new year's living nature will be born, called IS – Isus.
Let us now explain what Isis is.
Isus is not man, Is-Isus is the total living nature. As stated above, the entire living nature is created solely for the needs of the Lord Star Macedon – the Macedonians. The living nature coming out of the lips of Mother Planet Macedonia – Matka Canyon, will be the food of the Lord of Planet Macedonia. The mother will sacrifice the living nature in the form of food for the salvation of God Dzet Macedon.


The greatest symbol of the Macedonian Faith of Truth is the CROSS, written in the universe, as the constellation Cross or the Swan, Fig. 2. It is a symbol of: happiness, cosmic paradise, spring, reincarnation, love, well-being, peace, the symbol of KRSHT of the rising day from XXII December, and it is R'S, R'Sto, RISTO, Ristos, Rastko. The cross is also a symbol of the newborn living nature from XXII March, that is, IS, Iso, ISUS. It is a symbol of the four annual periods, the Cross is a symbol of the God Star Macedon, the Dzet ruler, Lord, Master, God of Planet Macedonia, guest and mortal GOD. The Cross is a symbol of the God Father Sun ILI and a symbol of Planet Macedonia.



        Fig. 13  Stylisation of the sun spring.                                         Fig. 14 Stylisation of BLOSSOM
                                                                                                             and Planet Macedonia.     
                                                                                                                  By Branko

Engraving from the village of Krilatica, place Pashkulj, Republic of Macedonia 34.000 years before the renaming of the Macedonian Faith of Truth into Christian Religion. Published by Dushko Aleksovski in the book How I Discovered Rock Art, p. 71.

The XXV December is the day when the planet Macedonia with its axis will incline towards the constellation CROSS or Swan. It will thus draw the line of eternity for the growth of the day. On XXII June Planet Macedonia will incline with its axis towards the constellation eel, snake – dragon, symbol of the river DON, symbol of Macedonia.
It is the second line of eternity. The cross is made up of two crossed lines. The two lines symbolize the energy coming from the universe towards Planet Macedonia and vice versa, they intersect, and thus the two energies give birth to the fruit – the living nature IS. The cross forms two triangles or two holy trinities, the first holy trinity is: Father Sun Ilija, Planet Macedonia and the divine spirit Macedon, and the second holy trinity is: Sun rays IL, Mother Marija-Madonna and the Star Macedon. The cross is a digit from the Macedonian spring digits, with a value of 22.
The cross is the letter "T", an abbreviation of father (“tatko”). The cross is light – the divine spirit Macedon arrived from the Zhiva star, which is located in the Cross constellation. The cross is a Macedonian soul that arrives in the form of light from the sun Ilija. The cross is life, a symbol of the living world of Planet Macedonia. The mother of the universe Elena gives birth to the cross, it is a set of stars in the form of a cross.
This Macedonian holiness of the cross will be abused by the Romans. After conquering, destroying and plundering Macedonia, terror will occur, Macedonian patriots will be killed on makeshift crosses, one of them being the Macedonian Isus. The irony is even greater, when the sign of the cross will be used in renaming the Macedonian faith in the Truth into Christianity – Orthodoxy, (“pravo-slavie” meaning throwing dust in the eyes of the Macedonians). The first baptism – renaming will take place with the Macedonian Zet IS-ISUS, now called CHRIST. He will replace the name of Risto with Isus on December 25th, and on March 22nd he will be called Christ. The creators of Western European Macedonians, destroyers of their own roots, for two thousand years have been erasing the Macedonian character of world culture, inventing a new one, but unfortunately quite unsuccessfully. Their religion is the Macedonian faith of the truth, their alphabet is the Macedonian Blossom script (Cyrillic and Latin), their digits are Macedonian spring digits, and their language is of Macedonian origin. They change all toponyms, again unsuccessfully, for example: London meaning low land by the river Don, meaning donor – Madonna, or mortal god Lord MaceDon, the Berlin toponym meaning Ber the son of God Macedon, Paris meaning Pa-RIS, lynx as a wild cat whose eyes glow, or Risto, Rastko, the growing day from December 25th, or the toponym Indonesia. Indonesia is actually Vindo-Nessia. Vindo is visible and Nesia is an island that spreads water and so on.
The island of Java means either riding someone or sloppiness. The entire Planet Macedonia is littered with Macedonian toponyms, hironyms, nisonyms etc.
With the help of Macedonian malevolent and hated damned individuals, the Macedonian people in 2018, as poor martyrs, robbed by domestic and foreign robbers, are forced to change their ancient name and history, which luckily cannot be erased.

9. Macedonia (Nowhere in the world in the deciphered texts the noun Macedonia contains the letter "J").

The mother of the universe Elena will also give birth to the constellation Eel (Jagula), Dragon – a snake, the symbol of Macedonia. The dragon is a symbol of the eternal insubordination and persistence of Macedonia through time. The eel is a symbol of Macedonia, which is reincarnation, on the basis of death a new life to be born. Its movement is in the form of the word "M", meaning Macedonia.


                                      Fig. 15 Megalithic White Wall at least 500,000 years old.
A symbol of the divine spirit and soul Macedon, and a symbol of Macedonia, 250 meters long, resembling a snake, called the "Devil's Wall" by the Macedonians .
According to the deciphered text of the Rosetta stone, exhibited by Saso Endrovski. Lord “GJA” is a teacher and protector of the Macedonian army.

The dragon represents a river, Don, the donor MadoMnia – the low land by the rivers. Macedonia is a paradise in the universe and cosmos, radiating its light into the universe. The dragon represents the word "M", short for Macedonia. The Snake or Macedonia is a cure for the planet and the universe. The cure for Macedonia is the wisest people on the planet who invented – discovered 90% of today's knowledge, the cure is in the faith, the blossom script, and the spring digits.
The dragon is worshipped by Macedonian brothers on the mother’s side in East Asia. In worshipping the dragon they actually worship Macedonia. It is the paternal deity FU –Fukara. (Fùqīn父親).


                                                                                                                                   Fig. 16
Top: Snake, letter "M" – symbol of Macedonia, as a lamp, Dendera Temple of Hathor, 1,500 years of Maced. era BC, Egypt.
Bottom: Peruvian megalithic wall, which depicts the path of the spirit and soul Macedon from the universe to Planet Macedonia and vice versa, through the symbol eel, snake.
Right: Marija, Madonna-nourisher, Mistress, Mother of God, Planet Macedonia, 1700 – 1450 years of Maced. era BC, Knossos Palace, Crete, with two eels – two Macedonias, planet Macedonia and the Macedonian peninsula with Macedonia

Macedonians believed in the power of Mother Marija Planet Macedonia. Mother Marija draws strength from God Father ILIJA. She also draws strength from her protector the deified God – Zet Macedon. Her strength is love in the form of darkness or TIME (Macedonians measured time according to past nights). The reflection of darkness is light. Light is IS – the entire living nature in which the divine spirit and soul Macedon are found. Thus Macedon is light. Macedonians believed in cosmic love, during the cosmic months of the twelve constellations. One cosmic month is the time period of 2148 years. This current cosmic month is in the process of passing. In 130 years there is to be a great catastrophe on Planet Macedonia, a new world order is in the making. During the time to come from the new Cosmic month, the people of Planet Macedonia will return to their roots. The root is clear, it is an oak shoot, which will sprout earlier than spring. The oak leaves of the Macedonian crown represent the history of the world.
The oldest Macedonian record testifying to Planet Macedonia, the Sun and the Dzet is at least 500,000 years old. This means that the Macedonians have survived through time for 230 cosmic years so far. Script, language, science, and faith have not changed.
With the entry of Planet Macedonia from the time cycle, into the cosmic month of fish before 2018, a huge catastrophe for mankind has taken place. Alienated Macedonians separated from their home country of Macedonia, grouped in the city of crime and prostitution Rome. Macedonian outlaws associated with immigrants, criminals from the Semitic-Arab tribes, will first plunder Macedonian science, literacy, faith and material wealth. They will recruit a paid Macedonian army to divide and destroy the home state. Apparently incapable of inventing something of their own in science and literacy, they will rename the Macedonian Faith of Truth into Christian religion. The “cross”, the greatest symbol of love, will become a symbol of death of the only Macedonian DZET – R'S, R'STO, RISTIS, and IS, Isus.

10. Conclusion

JEWS in Western science have been proven to be of Semitic-Arab origin. With the advent of Christianity, with the help of the city-state of Rome, they will be called "God's people". Maybe so, but who are the Macedonians? The Macedonians are the reincarnated star Zhiva (Alive) in GOD STAR MACEDON. That means that the Jews are children of the God – Lords Macedonians.
For the Macedonians, the cross should be a reminder of his strength and proof of his love. The cross is a reminder of the torture and death of the crucified Macedonian Jisus by the Roman beasts, to set an example for the Macedonians for their absolute obedience. The irony being greater, according to Orthodox dogma, which teaches us obedience by loving our executioners, their evil will not be regarded as their sin.
Macedonians, awake from the 2018-year old slavery of the submerged mind, unite around the brightest VIEW – David.

                                                 MY OLD MOTHER EMBROIDERED

                                                     My mother embroidered.
                                                     With stellar golden threads,
                                                     a living light is created,
                                                     in golden Macedonia.

                                                     Evil forces trampled you,
                                                     they fed off you,
                                                     their foul darkness,
                                                     made our red flag bleed.

                                                     Strike hard, you Macedon,
                                                     with lightning on Europe,
                                                     and make known whose maid she is,
                                                     white Macedonia. ..........

                                                     You are a written word,
                                                     from the stars transmitted,
                                                     you are a look in spring,
                                                     in golden Macedonia.

          Evil forces trampled you,
                                                     they fed off you,
                                                     their foul darkness,
                                                     made our red flag bleed

                                                     Strike hard, you Macedon,
                                                     With lightning on the COUNTRY,
                                                     and make known whose maid she is,
                                                     white Macedonia. ...... + x2

                                                     Our Macedonia.
 20-12-2018 Branko Sotirovski 



The book Zeta Macedonia has been printed in its second edition and translation from Macedonian into English. You can read it in the City Library "Brakja Miladinovci", the National and University Library "Sv. Kliment Ohridski” – Skopje, in the national libraries in Berlin, Zagreb, Budapest, Ankara, Hong Kong – 香港 etc. The book is sold in retail, but can also be purchased from the author at or on +389 78 264 106.) For other interesting topics, please visit:
The great interest in the book Zeta Macedonia translated from Macedonian into English is due to the fear of exposing Western false history, regarding its Macedonian origin.


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