“DZE” – the lighting

Excerpt from the book “Zeta Macedonia”
by Branko Sotirovski, page nb.309. in addition of upcoming promotion of the
book, 04.12. 2015 in Cinematheque of Macedonia, Skopje.

(November, 2015)

God ILI-IL as a synonym of sunray is synonym for the lighting of God’s Zeus as well. Zeus is not a deity, it is a divine characteristic, it is a manifestation of the fertilizing power. God ILI proclaims himself with strong flash light and bang, he enters in the lips of the earth. After that merging process, the fertilisation begins through the rainbow with small dew – god’s
seed, which represents the divine spirit Macedon. According to written text, the lighting “DZE” must be caused by specific rituals. The ritual of causing the fertilization is old more than thousand years, and it still lives among Macedonian people with “Dodola ritual songs”.

                                                            SUN GOD ILI-IL

Desert Nazca, sunray with length of many kilometres. 
The name of God Il is written on it. By Branko Sotirovski.

                                        God’s Hermes

The sun, four sun rays
as the four seasons, God’s eye.


Macedonian dodola rituals.

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