Nearby Vishegrad, the east part of present-day BIH, on the slopеs of the mountain Tara in the village Zhleb – Serbia, is located a vertical rock called Pisana Stena.
The age of this drawings is not confirmed, there just some assumptions. According to the analysis and the comparison with other sites, the drawing on Pisana Stena is old at least 15.000 – 8.000 years of Macedonian era before renaming the Macedonian faith into the Christian religion. In that time on this areas, like on the other continents, according to the written documents, there lived Macedonians. Macedonians owned the Macedonian language, letter: Cyrillic and Latin, the science and the monotheistic faith straight-glorious in reincarnation.
The region around the mountain Tara was called Zeta Macedonia Ar At. AR means land and AT means horse, which means that this region is on the Mother Planet-land Macedonia and the father Sun Ilija. The horse is personification of the father Sun ILIJA as he was presented on the rock. Ar At readen backward means TARA.



 “The horse is personification of the fertilizing power of the Sun, after 21-st of March and after 21-st of June, when his power is falling down, but it’s still strong enough is fertilizing the nature.
The horse and the horseman along his own symbolic meaning, are presenting ligature with Macedonian letters – Cyrillic and Latin.
On the composition on pic. 16 is presented the only God, Father-Sun ILI, after renaming the Macedonian faith into Christian religion, would be St. Elijah. For the Macedonian monotheistic faith you can read more in the book “Zeta Macedonia 400.000 y. of literacy”.

The horseman is drawn with a peacock feather on his head. That is a Macedonian tradition, for emphasizing of the divine-lord on the planet Macedonia. This tradition could be found on five continents. The peacock is a symbol of St. Naum (divine mind). The peacock is PAN – deity of the Sun ILI, on ancient Macedonian and Latin language - Pavo cristatus.
On the composition “God ILI”, which presents a ligature, from left to right is written: “O MOKRI” and from right to left: “ILIA”. The word “mokri” (wet) refers to the rainy month April. The word “mokri” (wet) refers to “L’CH” – lach (beam), which means God Sun to secretes light and water just like on the rock Pisana Stena.
The horseman with his right hand holds the horse-sun ray on the bridle, and with his left hand he throws a flash, and in that way he is fertilizing the planet Macedonia. The horseman sits on a saddle. Only the smart Macedonians from the Stone Age, with a developed science and technic could make that kind of invention“

Extract from the book in preparation – Zeta Macedonia vol. IV.




                                        Pic. 2                                                                                                        Pic. 3


Pic. 2 The Minoan priest king-ZET (son-in-law). A prince with a crown of the spring decorated with peacock feathers. Made on mortar with fresco technic.
Pic. 3 Macedonian crown with the symbol of PAN-GOD, with a stylized peacock feather. Author: Branko Sotirovski.




At the top of rock, like an extra figure is presented the eagle. At the same is an anthropomorphic figure of the Great Mother, according to the ligature of the drawing, as we can see: That is Maria the Virgin – ruler Macedonia.



                                                                              Pisana Strena – Serbia             


                     Exctract from the book "PISANA STENA - petroglyphs from Petko Nikolic Vidusha, on 30-10.2017 y. 

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