“Vrtolum” is a holiday of the Macedonians from the Stone Age up to now. The 22-nd of June, when the Sun is turning to winter. This holiday of the Macedonian people is connected with the beliefs of the turning the time from summer to winter. This natural appearance noticed by the Macedonian people from the Stone Age, which presents the continuity of the Macedonian true faith. The tradition of the Macedonian people continued its existing by the Macedonian descendants in present-day South America.









Macedonians as divine sons, after father called ILION, and after mother MACEDON. Ilion – Macedon is a mister, ruler, LORD on the land, with own language, letter and faith of truth. He lived on five continents simultaneously at least 500.000 years ago. Macedonia is the center of the world, MACEDONIA PRESENTS THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. 






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