On the found stone in Zeta Macedonia Pyrenean in the area EVERY BREAK - LIGHT on the territory of present-day Catalonia, there is an inscription where is written:


This inscription transcribed on modern Macedonian language means: "LUNA IS - JESUS FROM 22-ND OF DECEMBER WITH IL, I SEE IN FLIGHT"



The original photography of this stone is made by Eliseo López Benito who is well respected, also he is a researcher, photograph-artist and he loves the Macedonian culture on the territory of North Spain.


More about his research work, about his found stones and inscriptions you can read on his web-site




Universal writing system of the Macedonian civilization 10,000 BC. It is not incisions, the signs were executed when the material support remained in a hydroplasic state, that is, in soft. Location: Montserrat, Barcelona.


Macedonians since the Stone Age, at least 500.000 years ago, the found a writing system. The writing system took from the only God Sun, and that is the only Zet (son-in-law), Hermes, Asclepius, IS-ISUS (Jesus).

That are the bright letters in a shape of the sun rays. That is a symbolic system, which they used for marking the elements of the Macedonian language and those are the sounds, punctuation signs and spring numbers. These letters, called BLOSSOM, arranged in a direction from right to left and opposite, from left to right and opposite, from up to down and opposite and in a circle, they make LOGIC DESCRIPTION of the Macedonian speech at least 500.000 years ago in a continuity up to now. This writing system looks like the writing system of then nation that lived in North Spain, called Iberians (I-BER-ia with meaning: Ber is the son of the God Macedon and that are the divine children of Macedon – Macedonians), who spoke the Iberian language with Iberian letter (signario ibérico). This first Macedonian letter looks like the Phoenician. Phoenicians actually are Macedonians. Macedonians because of their faith of the Truth, believed in the reincarnation called PHOENIX. Today similar to this, Macedonians are called Slavs, according to the True faith or GLORIOUS.  
Macedonians from the Stone Age knew how to read and were educated also, they recognized the Macedonian science and culture of living. They wrote their thoughts, emotions and religious practices, as a science refilled in faith with a high art qualities in a form of a ligature in verses, realistic drawings, and abstract with hidden messages, incomprehensible for the people who forgot the Macedonian language from Western Europe, but kept in their toponyms which are changing every day.



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