Examples from anthropomorphic figurines from Vincha (present-day Serbia), from the Macedonian civilization, widespread on five continents, from the historical period around 5.000 – 4.500 years of Macedonian era before Christianity. The locality Vincha is very important archaeological site in Zeta Macedonia Europe, with 11 m.  deep cultural layer. The artistic qualities and forms of the figurines are same or similar on five continents, one of them is the territory of present-day Japan, inhabited with Macedonians at least 500.000 years ago.

Figurines in artistic, with a high intellectual approach, presents the Great Mother, Maria, Madona-Ruler, Macedonia, father Sun ILI and the son Macedon. This consciousness is easily noticeable for every observer who knows the Macedonian letter- Cyrillic, the language and the faith. Figurines all around the world are made from bone, stone, terracotta, etc., in a form of a sculpture ligature, with the Macedonian letters – Cyrillic.

The archaeological site Vincha – Belo Brdo is one part of the continuity of the Macedonian civilization in the world, which is widespread from Macedonia to Japan, America, Africa and Australia. Macedonians were outstanding builders. The walls were made of beams, cane and mortar, composed from ground and straw, a remarkable thermal insulator. In the rooms had ovens in a shape of furnace, unlike in present-day Serbia around 50-100 years ago, where was used worst source of heating - fireplace. This way of building and Macedonian culture of living can be seen in the locality Tumba Madjari in Skopje.

About the widespread of the Macedonian civilization in the world, more information can be found in the book “Zeta Macedonia 400.000 years of Macedonian civilization on five continents, tradition up to now” – Branko Sotirovski. 



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