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“DIVINE SPIRIT” Ravne 2, Visoko, Bosnia.
It is assumed that this object was cut from one of the large slabs, which was cast and its surface hand-worked in the shape of a sculptural work of relief, in the shape of a ligature and letters, and then baked at a high temperature. The slabs with the same relief in the form of a hidden message – cryptography, were used to make the protective layer of the pyramid. The dating of this inscription according to several scientific methods is 12,000 – 32,000 years and according to the script, language, the belief in Reincarnation, science and culture discussed in the book Zeta Macedonia volume II, volume III and volume V, the minimum age is 500,000 years.


                                                         Fig. 1 "Divine Spirit", Archaeological Museum Ravne 2, Visoko, Bosnia.

According to Western self-proclaimed scientific circles, which present their non-scientific papers to the "scientific public", they falsely claim that the earliest forms of written communication originated in Sumer in South Mesopotamia, around 3500-3000 BC. It is further thought that, "the Ancient Greekscreated the first alphabetic system (around 750 BC)". Let's say right away that the term "Ancient Greeks" is an invented lie, which exists only in the imagination of Western European "scientific" dilettantes. Greece and the Greek people was invented in 1832. A people older than the year 1832 on the territory of present-day Greece are the Slavo-Macedonians with a time span of phonetic literacy of at least 500,000 years with a Slavic language (Macedonian), with a public "Cyrillic" script and a secret "Latin" one, with "Spring" digits (Latin and Arabic) and 7/8 musical time, with science and culture. This claim is supported by written documents, found and dated by archaeologists around the world. A small part has been published in the books Zeta Makedonia volumes II, III, IV (in preparation) and volume V, by Branko Sotirovski.

Macedonian dictionary.
"Each sound is marked with a letter or a sunray." The two ancient alphabets (Cyrillic and Latin), at least 500,000 years old, can rightly be called MACEDONIAN BLOSSOM SCRIPTS, i.e. SPRING SCRIPTS, BECAUSE THE SUNRAY IS THE DIVINE SPIRIT MACEDON AND AS THE CAUSE AND STARTING POINT WHEN FORMING THE LETTER, IT GIVES THEM THE CHARACTER OF A BLOSSOM OR SOMETHING THAT BEARS FRUIT, i.e. WORD". Excerpt from the book Zeta Macedonia, volume II by Branko Sotirovski.

Western theorists cover up the lie, which they offer as true, by assuming that all history before the appearance of metal is “PRE-HISTORY” or a period of time when there is no history. “There is no history because there is no script.” They calls all written signs in the form of ligatures and symbols as merely art, without any connection with one Nostratic language, one nation, one script, one faith in Reincarnation, the same customs and musical instruments, science and culture.
This article is an attempt to prove the contrary, which may bear fruit, using the artefacts found in the tunnels of Ravne 2 Park in Visoko, Bosnia. We are processing an artefact in the shape of a grain of wheat, which symbolizes the first sunray, which appears on March 21-22. It is the divine spirit, which descends from the sun through the slanting bridges of the Cosmos of World Macedonia, to impregnate it so that the son of God, the divinated mortal god today called Master, Lord and guest of the World will be born. According to the processed artefact, the son of God is called God, the one who “BOtee” – is born, grows with God's providence, flourishes, from the Holy Mother – Macedonia.

Fig. 2 Arteact found in Ravne 2 tunnels, Visoko, Bosnia. This form is made of baked clay. The form itself reads: "S' OS". Transcribed in modern Macedonian language it means: “SO OSKATA SONCHEVIOT ZRAK” ("WITH THE AXIS THE SUNRAY") and in modern Bosnian language it means: "SA OSOVINOM, SUNCHEVIM ZRAKOM". 
The object has elliptical form. This ellipse revolves around its axis or the object itself represents an axis, like the divine spirit, around which the whole world revolves, and in the ligature it form can be read as "S' OS". The overall reading of the ligature forms the text "SO OS BOSA I BI BO".


This Macedonian ligature has several meanings: 1. "The one who allowed everything to be born", and this is the Great Mother PARASKEVA (St. Petka). According to an old name according to the inscription on the slab, it is BOSA, meaning “boska” or breast. The pyramids and cones in Visoko represent “boski” or breasts with an abundance of healing underground waters, they nurse their children with water and spiritual food, which is nourishment. Bosa can also signify the female name Bosilka, its root deriving from the word basil, an aromatic and medicinal herb. The noun basil comes from BASILEA (basilica), meaning the main temple of the ruler or the Sun God. In this case the main temple in Visoko is the Pyramid of the Sun ILI.
The Great Mother Paraskava – Bosa is made of light and dark. Lightness is energy, which is white and black, and darkness is pure lake water – matter, which is called EZER (LAKE) or wrongly Ether. Darkness is as black as it is white. The Slavic people – the Macedonian represent this great mother as two pyramids with the divine spirit and two sunrays, Figure 3. We find this symbolic representation of the great Mother all over the world, it is still preserved on the Macedonian folk costume and the Macedonian carpet, with magical power.


                              Fig. 3 Birth of the divine seed from the Great Mother Paraskeva – St. Petka, BOSA with the meaning “boska” or breast – Bosilka comes from the plant name basil – Basilea temple of the god ILI.
Fig. 4 The same divine seed is found in the Nazca Desert (Nazca = for us), Peru, measuring 730 x 252 m. The upper part of the male-female divine seed God reads "G' UT P'G', meaning "TOJ UT POVTORNO RAGJA” (THAT UT IS GIVING BIRTH AGAIN"). Figuratively it means: "AFTER DEATH THAT OWL GIVES BIRTH AGAIN TO THE DIVINE SPIRIT, FROM THE DIVINE SEED A NEW LIFE WILL BE BORN AGAIN."

The divine seed of the Great Mother Paraskeva – Bosa, is a union of the upper and the lower world, and it arrives in our World through the sun ILI the first sunray. We have drawn the same mythological conception in the Nazca desert, Fig. 4. (The word Nazca means record of us). The path of the divine seed in Nazca begins from the inscription ILI, passes through the world's largest drawn pyramid of the sun with a height of 9,550 m and the pyramid of the World Macedonia with a height of 5,300 m and descends below the bird UT (owl), the total distance covered being 21,662 m. Read more in: Zeta Macedonia, Volume II by Branko Sotirovski, page 321.
2. The second meaning of ligature is "He who creates below in our World", and is explained by the words "I BI BO". It is the divine son, the deified Slav – Macedon, who is equal to his father the Sun, in fertilizing and creating the World, he is an extended hand of his father with WORK, SONG AND GOOD THOUGHT.
3. The third meaning of the text "SO OS BOSA I BI BO". The divine spirit, stylized in the shape of a grain of wheat, which represents the axis of the World Movement, arrives in the territory of "BOSA" today called Bosnia and from that moment the divine son is born, called Ilion after his father and called Macedon after his mother. At the birth of "I BI BO" there is great pain, so the moment of the birth of the World and the divine son represents a great pain, which runs through the entire life, for now with a known time period of 500,000 years until today.

Fig. 5 Artefact found in Ravne 2 tunnels, Visoko, Bosnia. This form is made of baked clay. The form itself reads: "S' OS". Transcribed in modern Macedonian language, it means: “SO OSKATA SONCHEVIOT ZRAK, BOSA I BI BO” ("WITH THE AXIS THE SUNRAY, BOSNIA AND THERE WAS GOD") and in modern Bosnian language it means: "SA OSOVINOM, SUNCHEVIM ZRAKOM, U BOSNI SA BOSOM I BI BOG".

In a certain period of time between 32,000 and 500,000 AD, the city of Visoko was Jerusalem. Place where the divine sons Is – Isus (the total living nature), on March 21st
and RIS – Risto (rise of the day), on December 25th were born. The Slavic-Macedonian people from all over the world gathered in Visoko for worship and exaltation. It entered the tunnels of Ravne 2 and 3 and moved in the direction of the pyramid of the Sun God ILI. The people in the tunnels moved like a procession, the exit was on the platform on the west side of the pyramid of the sun. Purified in the tunnels, during the exiting in the light of day, the Sun God ILI would declare them to be DIVINATED, gods Slavs – Macedonians, with the words "IT I L'T": meaning "RUSH AND FLY", he would endow them with knowledge, with the divine soul, which would enable them to fly through the World Macedonia and spread God's knowledge, just like the deified Slav Dionysus and his brother the deified Hermes, the first globalizers of the World. Read more in the book Pyramids in Bosnia, Volume 5. (The book is published on the website zetamacedonia.com).

Conclusion: There is no doubt that at the time of the construction of the pyramids there was no phonetic script. This article, which deals with the found inscription from Ravne 2, proves otherwise.

Unknown words:

Bosa = boska, breast, basil, ruler's temple, God ILI's temple, Bosnia
Botee = gives birth, grows, thrives, works

                                                                               Branko Sotirovski 18.08.2022

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