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Sillustani – an archaeological site in the Peru region of Puno. The site dates from the period before the Incas 100,000-500,000 years аgo and it's actually a cemetery. The tombs are built in the form of towers called Chullpa. The towers are decorated with carved forms – animal ligatures. On the lower part of the tower there is a carved eel. Sometimes in certain regions of the planet Macedonia it is replaced by a snake. It is a symbol of Macedonia. For the Macedonians at that time, it was a connection between Planet Macedonia and the Sun God ILI.
Let us explain the life of the eel.
It is assumed that eels originated 140 million years ago. The exact timing of the birth of the eel is unknown, but one thing is certain, that the eel, along with all living nature IS, was born on March 22 to Mother Planet Macedonia suddenly on the Macedonian peninsula, and on the territory of Zeta Macedonia Europe. This is the moment when Zet Macedon arrives from the Cross constellation, from the blue star Zhiva (Alive) in Macedonia. Macedon as a star with the power of God, as a god, called Lord Zet Macedonian is with a temporary residence on Planet Macedonia.
The female eel can reach two meters in length and the male only up to fifty centimetres. It lives in all the rivers and lakes connected to the sea in Zeta Macedonia Europe, the Persian Gulf, the north and west African coasts, in fact it lives where Macedonians live. It spawns in the Sargasso Sea, between the Bermuda Islands and Puerto Rico.
It lives ten years in the fresh waters of rivers and lakes, it travels in saltwater with the help of metamorphosis, for two years until it reaches the Sargasso Sea, where it spawns and dies. It also reincarnates into a new eel, a new life. The young eel after a three-year journey, again through metamorphosis, returns to the place where it had resided in the previous life. The way of its life, its death with reincarnation reflects the life, death and rebirth of Macedonia and the Macedonians. The Macedonian people as Lord Zet Macedon, with the help of rivers and seas, travels to all corners of Planet Macedonia. It spreads God’s word, script, language, faith, and culture. All toponyms, hydronims, nissonyms etc. on this planet are of Macedonian origin. The shape of the eel and the form of Macedonian rule over other, non-slave tribal communities represent a weakness for thieves, as alienated Macedonians. They form new states of slavery that continue until today, with fictional names.

The Macedonian toponym PUNO means full. Chullpa is a Macedonian word: CUL = type of apron, the tomb looks like an uterus with apron. Chullpa – chupa, chupe = little girl. Chul = past tense from heard. The Sillustani archaeological site is a Macedonian toponym meaning: SILO STANI (STRENGTH RISE). It refers to the deceased lords rulers, Lord of Planet Macedonia, whose strength rose after their death to become an eel and travel to the sun, and from the sun to the other Planet Macedonia, and then to reincarnate in Macedonia. There are names in Macedonia known to this day SILJAN, SILJANOVSKI, meaning strong – the strong one. The strong one is none other than Lord Star Zet Macedon. He is the only ENOCH, DON, HERMES, ASCLEPIUS, St. Panteleimon, St. NICOLA – sprout, Santa Claus, MACEDON.


                             Sillustani — an archaeological site in the Peru region of Puno. The site dates from the period before the Incas 100,000-500,000 years аго and it's actually a cemetery.

The engraved eel motif of the Chullpa represents Macedonia and the Macedonians in that area. The eel is a symbol of Macedonia. At the same time, the eagle is a ligature that reads MADONIA – MACEDONIA.



                                                      Chupa reincarnation tomb,
Sillustani, Overseas South Blossom, present-day Peru.

One of the main elements of Macedonian culture spread throughout the planet is the respect of the ancestors, and precisely because of this, and to express the link between death and life in relation to reincarnation, the Chullpa were built. The interior of the buildings were shaped like a womb. The only opening of the Chullpa is to the east, due to the fact that, on that side, the sun is reborn by Mother Planet Macedonia. It was believed that, at the moment of the first sun rays of March 21 and December 25, the spirit and soul of the mummified bodies would reincarnate in the infant R’S - Risto  and IS - Iso, Isus (6,7). The same or similar motifs for decorating the Chulpa can be found at the Macedonian site Göbekli Tepe, a site located in present-day Turkey.

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There is great interest in the book Zeta Macedonia translated from Macedonian into English throughout the world. This great interest is due to the fear of exposing world’s false history, regarding its Macedonian origin – the MACEDONISM

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