MAINE, USA (Zeta Macedonia Overseas Northern BLOSSOM)


The continent overseas CUT - today is called America.
Indigenous peoples, now called Indians, lived all over the continent. According to settlers in the area behind the Oceanic CUT and historians of Zeta Macedonia Europe, the "indigenous" Indians "date back thousands of years with their culture." The number of tribes is huge, and their number is unknown.
In the findings published in the book Zeta Macedonia volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, it can be recognized that both on the continent overseas CUT and on other continents lived white Macedonian people. They ruled over the whole world called Macedonia, expanded their Macedonian culture, the belief in Reincarnation and its nostrical, Macedonian language, with 24 voice symbols called Cyrillic and red-Latin, created spring numbers (I, II, III, IV, V, VI ., VII, VIII, IX, X) and Cifri Makedonski (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10). He invented the melody with 7/8 beat and instruments. The Great Zeta Macedonia had central power and the only king and queen, ZET and BRIDE. The communication took place through the countless Macedonian pyramids around the world Macedonia. For his presence and rule, Makedon left on the ground, under water and in space records in the form of Macedonian ligatures and Macedonian symbols, which are, point, line, shapes with several angles, cross, circle, pyramid and mountain peaks. The evidence is present at every step of World Macedonia, and among the Macedonian descendants and the "Indians" and the Chinese brothers, the Macedonians by one mother and two fathers. The first Macedonian ligature was made 500,000 years ago.
The Macedonian ligature is still alive today.

Inscriptions have been found in the state of Maine that testify to its authenticity, in order to clarify who, when and why the Macedonian drawing ligatures were made, which do not match the assumptions of historians.

These symbols are believed to have been made by the Mohegan tribe. The noun Mohegan, if analyzed, can lead to the following conclusion. MO = MA, mother, HE = exclamation, to express doubt, dissatisfaction, dissatisfaction and similar feelings. The word GAN = fire, ritual fire - fire, for the path of the spirit and soul to the deity Sun. According to this analysis of the word we can conclude that the Mohegani tribe, as descendants of the Macedonians, did not agree with the belief in the power of the fire of reincarnation.














Based on archaeological records of researchers this territory served as a fishing site for people from the period of 4,000 - 3,000 years and 1,200 - 1,000

According to the written evidence these engraving-ligatures were made by Macedonians. The island, among the material remains there are several inscription from Macedonian mythology, where Macedonia, God ILI-IL, divine IRIS – PERUN, FAIRY ANA – JANA and OWL are mentioned. The name MAI is found for the first time, i.e. the children of Macedonian divine mother MA. According to these monuments of culture, where the name Macedonia is found in two places, we can easily realize that these artifacts were not made by the indigenous Indians, but by indigenous Macedonians members of the Great Zeta Macedonia from the land of Overseas Northern BLOSSOM. These texts testify to the Great Zeta Macedonia spread over five continents.

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