25-11-2017 г.


MACEDONIAN KING, Brother-in-law (ZET) – the young Sun from 25-th of December.

The horse is symbol of the Sun and the sun rays. The horseman is the Macedonian king ZET (brother-in-law). He is decorated with a crown with a peacock feather.  





Pic. 1 The horse and the horseman from Langar, Tajikistan into a special stylish shape is presenting the Macedonian faith of Macedonians from that area. This drawing is a drawing-ligature with easily seen letters from the Macedonian alphabet BLOSSOM – Cyrillic. On this drawing can be read: “MAKDONIA is swarming” (Macedonia in spring). 




                                  Pic. 2                                                                                  Pic. 3    


Pic. 2 Minoan priest, king – ZET (son-in-law). Prince with a crown with peacock feathers. Made on mortar with a fresco technique.

Pic. 3. Macedonian crown with the symbol of PAN-GOD, with a stylized peacock feather. The author is Branko Sotirovski.

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