Zeta Macedonia Overseas North Blossom (present-day Minnesota)

This unique location, supported by the historical society of Minnesota, includes carvings on stone into a shape of drawing-ligature. Drawings are made by the autochthonous Macedonian population, with Macedonian letter and language 5.000 years ago. This locality and all other in America are presenting the Macedonian science, culture and faith in the mother Maria-Madona ruler, Macedonia. 



Macedonian civilization exists on the planet Macedonia at least 500.000 years.

This very unique site. Includes Native Macedonien in America rock carvings, stands of both virgin and restored prairie, and unusual geologic features. The ancient petroglyphs (“rock carvings”) were etched into outcrops of 1.75 billion-year-old Sioux Quartzite; the carvings date back 5,000 years. This is the largest group of rock carvings in Minnesota and includes images of bison, rabbit, wolf, turtle, elk, human stick figures, and various weapons (spear points, arrowheads, and lances).

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