Zeta Macedonia Uprising (present-day China) 


Merry Christmas Eve! The Christmas Eve oak twig is a symbol of the Sun, which presents a Macedonian crown. The East-Asian system of written communication is using symbols. The symbol by itself is made with a ligature from letters in a shape of something that is symbolizing. Letters are Macedonian from BLOSSOM alphabet (Cyrillic and Latin) and spring numbers called Roman and Arab. Macedonian letters and numbers, according to the written documents from the stone age of the Macedonian people, are at least 500.000 years ago. speared on the Planet Macedonia with Macedonians who lived autochthonous on five continents. In that period, Macedonians are writing the first East-Asian symbols. Macedonian science, presented on the other people and tribal communities from their own tribe, through the music and the faith in the reincarnation of the divine spirit Macedon. That is the faith of the mother MA-MU, Maria, Madona-ruler, Virgin Mary, Planet Macedonia, GOD-Father Sun IL, ILIJA and his divinated son, the master, Sir, Ruler, LORD and guest on the Planet Macedonia. The devinated Macedonians - Rulers of the world for an easier communication with East-Asian people grouped into tribal communities and countless dialects created 47.035 symbols. Macedonians made the Macedonian letters into one intellectual concept through the Macedonian language in a shape of ligatures, in a way to remember the symbol easier. In that way, they read the meaning of the symbol.



The East-Asian symbol of a tree 木-Mù presents a symbol-ligature. Made with Macedonian letters BLOSSOM and Macedonian language in a shape of ligature. With that symbol is presented the Macedonian Faith. This Symbol explains the way of the divine spirit Macedon, like a spiritual energy, which is coming from the Sun and turns into a material energy. The divine spirit Macedon is arrives on the Planet Macedonia and enters into her through the holy oak tree and his root, symbol of the eternal Sun. On the East-Asian symbol for a tree 木-Mù is written: “YOU IL INTO THE LIPS”. The holiness of the oak tree is grasped and by the fact that the symbol of Macedonians for his divinatess as a Lord and ruler of the Planet Macedonia is his crown made by oak leafs.



On the symbol, which presents a mother, can be read as a ligature: I AM MOTHER MACEDONIA WITH THE NEWBORN SON MACEDON – JESUS.
The symbol of the Sun is the eagle, but he also is a symbol of the mother Macedonia, who is in a birth position, giving a birth to the brother-in-law (zet) – IS, Jesus. Pisana Strena in the village Zhleb, Serbia.
The East-Asian symbols are made by the Macedonian who lived autochthonous on the territory of Asia. They were divine sons, rulers, Lords on the land. For an easier communication with the other tribal community and specified people, they made the East-Asian symbols based on the holy Macedonian letter: Cyrilics and Latin.


            Macedonian symbol from the territory of Zeta Macedonia Uprising, meaning king – Father-in-law. 

                                                                     (East Asian sign for king.)


The divinated Macedonians were ordinary people, but their power and strength is similar to that of the Sun God. Such characteristics are also possesses by the old father-in-law – the king and Son-in-law – king, gods on earth. After death, as required by the ancient Macedonian ritual of travel of the soul to heaven and other parts of God’s gaze “DZE” through universe as part of a DEITY, representing a universal paradise, a universal spiral. The Macedonians, burned on a pyre, with the flames as sunrays mounted on the sun, where purified and enlightened, they shine with their purity as divine spirit Macedon, and travel to the space spiral where the souls of the old father-in-law multiply, returning to earthly paradise with the sunray IL. Furthermore, they are born as a new life reincarnated in the entire living world on earth ISUS from XXI March. The basis of the Macedonian mythology is: In every matter in the universe and on earth is present the divine spirit Macedon. Sacrificing food, animals and people represented the release of the divine spirit.


- Extract from the book "Zeta Macedonia, 400.000 years of literacy, Macedonian civilization on five continents, tradition up to now" - Branko Sotirovski pg. 268








Кинезите пишуваат со македонски симболи. Источно азиски симбол 哭 – Kū, со значење плаче. Кога ќе се разложи симболот со кирилични слова може да се прочита плаче. Коренот на зборот плаче е Л’Ч, ЛАЧ, ПЛАЧ.



East-Asian symbol 哭 – Kū, with meaning – crying. When we decompose the symbol with Cyrillic letters, we can read cry (plache). The root of the word cry – L’CH, LACH, PLACH.



Author: Branko Sotirovski - (Sūkè ) 苏克

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