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The artwork of pendant created from Macedonian people who are living in Yorkshire since 11.000 ago in a continuity up to now with its rituals, faith and cultural values, literacy and language as a part of their lives.

Discovered by a research team from the universities of York, Manchester and Chester, is the presumption of the earliest written document of the origin of people of United Kingdom.
It is made of one piece of slate, in a triangular shape, 3 mm thick and 31mm with 35mm long artifact which contains a series of letters from the Macedonian alphabet (Cyrillic and Latin). Archaeologists believe that it represent a tree, map, leaf or even some mark.
The engraved motifs of mesolithic pendants are extremely rare in Europe. 
They can be found on Macedonian peninsula (the Balkans) and in the Republic of Macedonia as well.


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